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Hello lovely Steemians.... First of all, I'm celebrating hitting 300 followers. Wow I feel so excited. You guys have been so wonderful so far. I celebrate you all and I love you so much.

Yes! 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 This is my first challenge and give-away and I'll like you all to participate. So here it is.
Give a caption to the meme below. The best caption gets 2 SBD from me. Yes, I know its little but never despise the days of little beginnings. Hahaha. More of this to come


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The winner will be announced in 7 days time. Please follow the rules. Happy Steeming...
Have Fun!

I remain your sugar lovey dovey @oredebby

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Congrats on your achievements. Hope my little deed can go a long way.
Keep on steemin'


Thanks so much @pouchon Your comment alone goes a long way. Thanks so much

make i just dey observe this mumu

I can remember when I hit 100 was really great experience.



I hope to win

@oredebby congrats on ur achievements bae.. I wish u the best


Thanks so much

Congratulation on hitting 300followers @oredebby

My caption on the meme will be;
Tough time never last but only tough people do

Congrats @Oredebby.
My caption: When a whale positively acknowledges me after series of stuffs done. Yaay.

Facebook you see your life? I no celebrate you when I reached 300 friends

When your gf say she was with Debby and Rose last night, but you was having a threesome with Debby and Rose last night

My caption is; when a kid is in love

Na your future you dey chop so...

Congratulations dear, I admire your consistency and strength, I must say you will surely hit your target, please don't relent.

More steem to your wallet!


Thanks so much momma. Ur baby loves you #kizzes#

That moment you realize a whale upvote your contest with 30 SBD,whereas the winner only get 2 SBD.


That means God open his showers of blessing on me. I will sing let it rain. 30 SBD, my God never sleeps




My caption is

Congrats darling on achieving this feat


Thanks so much

Congrars dear


Thanks so much

The face you make when you know he or she is lying, but you want him or her to finish.

Congratulations on 300 followers dear. More to come.

Congratulations on hitting 300 followers @oredebby.

My caption of the meme will be:
Hakuna matata; no worries at all

My own meme is...

"I told you to jon steemit, you didnt, i will pay their school fees, send them to me"

Congratulations dear, you've come a long way. Have fun on your way to the top.


Thanks so much @vwovwe

Congrsts here ...this is my entry...funny thou

**Now tjat you are celebrating 300follwers, should i fry zobo?

When she texts that she would be home alone tonight... Congrats on ur 300 fflwers

You think it's easy, I hit 300 followers.

Congratulations dear, < my caption > That moment when a famous liar is lying again and u already know the truth, then u will be like.. I just de look your mumu face 😂

Congratulations dear

The expression when you are part of your ex's job interviewer

So, we'll meet again😂😂

That moment why you see people still doing MMM while you are here making it on here

Congratulations. Is not easy @ all


Thanks so much @uzoma

Congrats babe..
When a famous liar is talking and you already know,you be like
My caption continue lying, omo ale oniro


So this is how it feels to be SBD rich!

#caption;The face u make when u've seen a movie already and ur about to spoil it for everyone

When your monkey comes home with 70million naira

When you realize you are on the path to riches


That moment your white friend is questioning your Nigerian lecturer that he'll lose his job for not teaching well

Looking at other social platform like u never learn i don make am for this steeemit

Congratulatons! @oredebby
My Caption is..
'I never would have believed Steemit will give me this much joy'

Congrats dear

  ·  3년 전

When your best friend is telling someome a true life story nd you already know its a lie but you have to support her no matter what

  ·  3년 전

When your best friend is telling someome a true life story nd you already know its a lie but you have to support her no matter what

The face the illiterate makes when the doctor says he his HIV positive before explaining it

Congrats dear, this is just the beginning Meme:come to think of it i haven't done so bad for myself.

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That moment when you see your success pissing your enemies

For your mind you smart oh 😏

Congrats dear
My meme caption: Na 300 followers I dan hit so and I dan achieve for this platform .If i con get 1000 followers my dear i dan blow @oredebby.

Congratulations on hitting so much followers dear..

**No caption

Hmm! see your life,your mates are busy making it big on while you are here acting like the president of science student Association...It's obvious that you need series of deliverance.

You want the 2 SBD? Oya, come and collect it

My caption is

"You all see now, i ain't got no worries"

You got a 21.64% upvote from @luckyvotes courtesy of @pouchon!


Wowwww... Thank you @pouchon
Thank you @luckyvotes


You are welcome. Wish the best for you and your contest.
Happy steemin'


You are welcome :-)

That moment when you're not surprised at the feedbacks

Congratulations to you dearie, many more followers fall on you

Congrats dear..

Congrats dear, my own caption.

"Continue, when you are done, come and meet me, i would be waiting".

One Good Turn Deserves Another

My own meme for caption relates to that time you are watching news on TV and the caption says;

"Hmm! This people can lie, how will a snake swallow 36million.

Congrats @oredebby
Caption: The smile on your face when your post gets an upvote.

Congratulations dear. More SBD to your wallet.

My caption below:

When you look at your wallet estimate account value, you'd be like "Nawa ooh! So steemit dey sweet like this?? I come dey waste my time for Facebook since"


Caption: you don talk finish?