SteemCommerce - Businesses accepting payment in steem (v 2 @ 3 January 2018)

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A lot has changed in the world of steem since I posted my first list of businesses accepting payment in steem back in the middle of December.

Bitcoin was shooting to the moon and steem was just tickling $2.00 and wondering if it wanted to give bitcoin a run for its money. SBDs had already decided to go for it and had just shot up to $10.

There was definitely a buzz arising around steem.

Now as I write this today steem has confirmed it wants to be a player in world of crypto and has just shot up and is nudging on $7. It is now sitting at a much more handsome #27 in A place at the top 20 table awaits.

With these rises will come visibility, credibility and hopefully acceptance.

Since my first list of businesses I have been contacted by various people who have some form of business and are interested in accepting steem as payment in some form.

There is still work to be done on working out the mechanics of steem payments but the future is looking positive.

So here is the latest list of businesses accepting payment in steem.

If you run a business that does, or would like to, accept steem payments please post in the comments below or DM me on Discord @pennsif#9921. Likewise if you know of any businesses that should be on the list that I have missed let me know.

Businesses accepting payment in steem (v 2 @ 1 January 2018)

Bricks & Mortar

Online - General

Online - Books

Online - Crafts & Clothing

Online - Food

Online - Holidays

Online - Miscellaneous

As well as these sites above there are also around 40 sites listed on that have registered as taking steem.

These include interesting sites such as Ballistic Bodyboards, DrApis Portuguese raw honey, Hotel Marini in Italy and PexPeppers Hot Sauces.

Some of the sites on the list seem to be duds though so I am going to research all these sites further before including them in the list.

Has anyone actually tried this Coinpayments system for alt-coin payments?

You might also be interested in some of my other posts :

I am in the market for buying steem directly.

I can pay by BACS, PayPal, or Amazon Gift Cards.

For more details check my post :

[ graphics by @pennsif ]

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yes friend steemit is rocking many thinks is changed on it i hope it goes to 🌒.

This is awesome. This is a hurdle that Steem needs to overcome. I can show people how they can earn on steemit, but the big question always is "how do I use those earnings?"



I would love to accept steem in my online store but the problem is that there are no plugins of any sort which can be easily adapted. And this limits the acceptance.


Hi there @pibyk , what system do you use for your online store? I am currently researching the options available for steem payments so I maybe able to help.


Thanks for that. I will let you know if I find something useful to help with that.

Really useful, thank you! I'll save your post for future online shopping



Thank you @pennsif for having the idea to publish such a useful guide in the first place, and secondly for encouraging and helping me to 'dip my toe in' as they say. Very much appreciated.

Pennsif for Mayor of Wales! ;)


😊 Hope it goes well with the family history research services.

i go to put my company to

It's so exciting, thanks for the updated list! Resteemed!


Many thanks for the resteem, much appreciated.

Woah, i can't believe that there is so many stores accepting this cryptocurrency. Can't wait to spend my steems on those, motly on food and clothes hhaha.

This is an awesome list of services I'll habe to remember a few of these for next year's Christmas presents.


And birthdays, anniversaries, and special treat days inbetween 😎

@artopium accepts STEEM...


Hi Dave, thanks for this. I've now added @artopium to the list.

Looking great man, glad its growing well, if any of those people asking how to do it are hosting an online store with shopify I'd be happy to walk them through the process.


That will be awesome thank you. I will point any enquiries in your direction.

Cool! I didn't know there are actually that many accepting STEEM.


Yes there are a useful number now - and it is growing.

You are the person developing Steemify with the @blockbrothers aren't you? I have heard @exyle mention you in his vlog. Good to meet you.


Yes, that’s correct. Nice to meet you too!


@pennsif this post was presented at the most recent Pimp Your Post Thursday on the Steemit Ramble Discord. I have written a post to share your featured post. Just stopping back to let you know that you can see your name in lights right here. (Just kidding about the lights :)

Makes my heart sing to see that already there are so many enterprises accepting Steem for products and services.

One of my aims this year is to develop saleable products from images of my more ephemeral artwork and accept cryptocurrencies including Steem for payment.

I feel this year is going to be such an inspiring and productive year for many other creatives too, who I would also encourage to accept Steem. Resteemed. 🦋


Keep me posted on your enterprise.

Many thanks for the resteem.


Pleasure and will do. Following you now. 🙏


Very interesting to see this. Have upped & resteemed u :)


Thank you for the vote and resteem Sam. Keep me posted with progress on SteemHolidays.

Hi, @pennsif,

So, here I am looking over your posts, and I'll ask you to please add my agorist enterprise to your next digest of those accepting Steem.

Unfortunately, I haven't a Steem shopping cart yet, but I can arrange payment informally by directly interacting with potential customers who contact me about it.

We only have an online presence. We offer free shipping in with the USA, but would have to add a shipping fee internationally.

Here are a couple of links:

LOOK! Check out our amazing product:
Introducing: The SILVERengines proton - Image by @creatr

Our main website is




Hi @creatr - I have now added you to the list ready for the next edition.


Thanks! ;)

This is exactly what will help push steem into the double digit value. I really like the idea of a steemit shop. That is what I've been thinking about a lot lately. More along the lines of like Ebay meets craigslist, where people can buy and sell anything. Going to be a huge year! great work


PeerHub seems to be of that ilk. Haven't tried it myself yet.

I have not yet received any rent in crypto currency but I have given my tenant the option, including Steem. We will see what happens he did say, perhaps he could!

I would like to see this list grow. Thanks for posting @pennsif


Hadn't thought of steem for rent. Will be interested to hear if your tenant takes up the option.


Only time will tell. I don't think he's been into the crypto world very much....not quite a Crypto Savage (A Vin Armani term) but he has the attitude for it!

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Many thanks for including the list.

This is great! I know the list is still small, but really cool to see where I would be able to pay with Steem. If you could hook me up with a link how to set up a payment system for Steem, I would definitely try to get one of my businesses to accept payments as well :).


Are they online businesses? I'm just researching steem payment options at present.


Businesses with an e-commerce aspect.

I'd love to know how to accept steem or sbd as payment.


Do you have a website you sell on?


I do online invoicing for my clients.

Great list! Now that steem is at $8 i think a lot more people will start taking it seriously and using it for purchases! I resteemed this with @resteembot!


Thank you @moderndayhippie - much appreciated.

I wish I still sold weed I would totally take steem

Do we have a line up of sites that support steem as payment such as gigs fiverr etc. I mean that would be totally bad ass!

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Wow! this is so awesome, I love that you wrote this and it is amazing. i am so excited and hopeful that this works and the banks go to H. Thank you so much for doing all this research and writing for us. Happy New Year, from your fellow Steem Engineer, Casandra


Thank you Casandra. I am looking forward to seeing how this develops.

Great to see that more are getting on board. I was just saying the other day that for a currency to truly work you need to be actually able to use it without having exchanges and exorbitant fees. Cryotos aren't going to take off in reality if they can't easily be used. The majority of people won't even bother with them because of this. I mentioned Steemit to someone who I thought would be well received here and his reply was that the people here seem pretentious and you get paid in crypto! It needs to be simplified for it to work in the long run.


Yes there are still a lot of 'barriers to entry' for steemit. Simplification is needed for sure.

Thanks for this information. I had no idea where steem could be used. It's my first week on steemit and there's so much to learn! I'll follow your blog to find out more! Here's my introduction if you want to say hi.

i will be looking forward to sdb being accepted as payment for services in my country.

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