My experience @steemcamp house during the finals and me emerging as one of the winner in my category

2년 전

My name is precious idogun i was one of the winners in my category (music/singing)i came out third.@surfyogiIMG_20180709_003146.jpgIMG_20180708_174224.jpg
I was happy i got to be part of these great event. I met wonderful and talented people, right from day1 audition till the end it was a wonderful, fun filled and unique experience IMG_20180708_174205.jpg. I learnt alot about steemit during my stay at the camp house. It was a wonderful experience i got to share ideal with people in return got friends who mean d the world to me.
Steemcamp was all about bring us together and i can say that was a huge success..
I remember the day we arrived camp when we were hosted with an all white welcome partyIMG_20180701_181714.jpg
I remember our visit to falcorp mangroove park/zoo warri.. Where i learnt alot abt d warri kingdom history
And also i was proud to be among the project
#keep warricity clean..


Best of all i was happy to meet @michealcj.
He was indeed a great leader, a mentor, a friend and a brother not a scammer. He's a young man with a great vision and he needs your support. Steemcamp was huge success..It was wonderful getting to knw him..

Am grateful to God almighty for making me a winner not only @steemcamp(onesteemstage)but on everyside of life.

Thank u steemcamp for making me a part of this great project..

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I remembered your presentation at the finals, you got a great voice and a beautiful talent. Hope to see more of it on the Steem platform.


Thank u very much.. And yes u would b seeing more of it

when you where singing, your amazing voice makes goosebumps to came out from my body, you are indeed super woman....