Wow am so excited to be in @steemcamp finals it's been so great from day 1 would love to post every day but for the sake of my low mobile data am compiling two days each. Steemcamp is going to last for eight days, but firstly I want to thank everyone for there support assistance and encouragement I never thought I would make it to the finale because of lack of transportation distance from my location I was so sad but I want to give a big shout out to those who encouraged me those asked me not to give up I want to firstly say @michaelcj you are a legend thanks for introducing me to the platform for not being stingy to share information's that will help me grow in Steemit and the wonderful people I got to be friends with, they all encouraged me on Steemit thanks to @angealace "she told me to not give up I should see myself there even if am not there yet" and I held that word to heart I kept believing two days before camp my younger brother won a bet on bet9ja.com and he agreed to sponsor my trip I got to steemcamp. I was to give thanks to @dynamicrypto @dynamicgreentk @surpassinggoogle @snowhite @dimimp
Also give thanks to those steemit community
#Steemjet #Steemgigs #Steemnaira #Ulog
Thanks for all the support that you've given.

We got to the place of meet up Silver link hotel an all white party was hosted to welcome us to the camp I was happy to see all the campers Cypher who is a Rapper, Ms Bill's a wonderful singer,Sniper a rapper, Queen a singer and dancer, Joel a dancer, @eddie23 a spoken word artist and lots of other campers I even got to perform at the welcoming party

it was great the party ended 9:45pm then some cars came and took all of us to the camp ground we were all assigned rooms. I and six persons were assigned to a room. Me, Queen, two Favour's, Prosper, Irene and Sheila the room was big enough to accommodate all of us.

Here is a video Summary of the beginning of day two

Exercise Section


Dance Section
After that we had our bath and got dressed to go to Falcon Mangrove

When got to Falcon Mangrove where we enter the HALL OF FAME we learnt about all the great men in Africa

We also got to the traditional Museum we learnt about the kingship of warri the past and present Olu of warri.
A king in warri is called Olu
Video below

We walked in the mangrove.
IMG_20180702_174131.jpgWe saw different animals in the mini zoo
I was wearing a white shoe and it got so dirty well it was fun and I can't wait to tell you about day 3 and 4 am so grateful to @michaelcj for this great opportunity and for giving us fun experiences and good memories

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So glad you were able to make it, and that you are having a great time! Good luck the rest of the way to all my Steemian brothers and sisters there!



I made my transaction of 450.679 #Steem on Sunday it went through but my account wasn't credited why? Here is my username: @ikemsamuel and this is my email address: ikemsamuel2@gmail.com for confirmation... Here is my prove... Screenshot_20181125-152535.png....

I have tried reaching @airhawk-exchange both on email and steemit but no respond from them why?.. Since sunday i made transaction till now..

Hoping you Knock their SOCKS OFF!!! ;)

Glad you're having fun on the platform.
We hope you enjoy the platform. Nice to have met you at the steemcamp event....


Nice to meet you too my name sake

So am here to talk about @steemcamp that recently occurred, one question I need to ask is why do u set up a competition when you already know the winner, that's why they keep saying Nigerians are frauds @michealcj you just destroy a good thing u started.

First of all am sure @steemit sponsored the program called @steemcamp and you had to tell all your contestants to sell tickets and pay 20thousand naira to your account for the finale,and for the semi finals they paid 3thousand naira, how heartless you can be not knowing that some people are coming all the way from abj,port harcourt, owerri,lagos,enugu etc i thought being sponsored was so they wouldn't pay anything else but then you made them sweat to pay.

Then to the @steemcamp competition what business does the organizer have with the contestant, why do u keep having meetings with @princessVanessa who came second and was also begging @steemboard for assistance when its obvious she stays in that same city, and cypher,why did u endager youths life when you already know who the winner would be? You should have just called them and giving them the money than waste their time,resources and starve them,right now you guys abandoned them to be beaten by mosquitoes while y'all chilling.

The contestant who won slept with @michealcj and his organizers, we are tryna fight corruption in Nigeria but people like you makes it difficult. The rules where for everyone to come on the said date which was 1 July 2018, and behavior and all what not will be judged but some people came on the 3rd and you allowed them come in, what manner of competition is that.

I don't mind if I get flagged here but I will fight for the truth no matter what. if you don't have an idea on how to put up a show ask questions than behave so low showing us you can do anything for money. Am calling names cos am not scared to stand out for what is right. I just pray other's can come to this page and speak their minds,so @michealcj will stop using this platform to extort money from @steemboard.