Shout-out to the Steem and DigiByte Communities. Visual of the DigiByte Bus parked up outside the Trafford Centre in Manchester.

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#Promo-Steem / #Promo-DigiByte - Marketing and Promoting #Steem, #DigiByte and #Blockchain related Projects

DigiByte Bus visual infront of the Trafford Centre promo slide.jpg

Shout-out to the #Steem and #DigiByte Communities

This is a shout-out to the #Steem and #DigiByte Communities.

I wanted to share with you an update on the Project I am working on with the Advertising Agency specialising in Mobile Digital Advertising.

Digital display on a bus

One of their displays is on a bus..!!

A full HD digital display measuring 7.5m x 4.0m and inside there are multiple screens and a reception.

This would be great parked up in the middle of a City Centre with a few promo t-shirts signing people up to #Steem , #DigiByte and other #Blockchain and #Cryptocurrency related Projects, Businesses and Events.

Inside you can give people an introduction to whatever you are promoting in a warm and comfortable surrounding.

I have arranged to get some live pictures with me stood in front of the bus over the next few days and will share them with you when I have them.

Impressions of what could be advertised

Below are just a sample of impressions of what could be advertised on the display....


DigiByte Bus - Steem.jpg


DigiByte Bus - SteemMonsters.jpg


DigiByte Bus - ...more secure.jpg


DigiByte Bus - Digi-ID.jpg


DigiByte Bus - CoinFestUK.jpg

#DigiByte Summit

DigiByte Bus - DigiByte Summit.jpg

#Promo-Steem / #Promo-DigiByte Project

Once again a massive thank you to everyone in the #Steem Community who have supported the new and existing #Promo-Steem / #Promo-DigiByte Project.

Thanks again for reading.






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Hopefully this digibyte bus will bring lady luck in crypto market which is drenched in blood. Waiting for your picture with amazing bus. Once again thanks for promoting steem. Keep it up @stephenkendal