SPONSORSHIP OFFER - I am pleased to announce the latest 100 Steem Sponsorship Offer this time going to @steemwomensclub to help towards Prize Money for their Sponsorship Contest.

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#Promo-Steem - Helping to Support #Steem Promoters around the World through Sponsorships - Supporting @steemwomensclub to help towards Prize Money for their Sponsorship #Contest

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Sponsorship Offer to @steemwomensclub to help towards Prize Money for their Sponsorship #Contest

It gives me absolute great pleasure to share with you the latest #OneHundredSteem Sponsorship Offer and one that I am really excited to see agreed.

Before I share with you details of the Sponsorship, I wanted to give you a little bit of background to the Offer.

#Contest to help find Sponsorship for @steemwomensclub

For those that may not have seen the recent #Contest organised by @steemwomensclub it is a #Contest for users to share on #Steemit cosmetic and make-up products that they like.

The #Contest has a twist however and it is this twist that caught my eye.

In order to take part in the #Contest entries must share their #Steemit Post on twitter and tag the chosen Brand.!!

The idea is to attract the chosen Brand to #Steem with the goal to offer Sponsorship.

Promoting #Steem as a Social Media Content #Marketing Tool

What we essentially have here is a #Contest that is creating Social Media Content and sharing that Content on Social Media at the same time as promoting Cosmetic Brands.

Bringing Investment to #Steem

Multi-billion dollar Cosmetic Brands have multi-million dollar #Marketing Budgets and it is these Budgets that I want #Steem to tap into.

As an Global Rewards and Distribution System #Steem and #Steemit are perfect for Cosmetic Brands to take a stake in #Steem and reward Content Creators to promote their Brand on Social Media.

For a fraction of the cost of conventional #Marketing global Brands can tap into the growing army of Content Creators on #Steemit that are a ready-made pool of what can be easily be described as micro-influencers.

With the support of the #Steem Community and the appetite of the #Promo-Steem Project to push the Content created by these micro-influencers on #Steemit the results could be mind blowing.

It is for this reason that I would like to make @steemwomensclub a Sponsorship Offer to help support their #Contest by offering 100 #Steem to help them with the Prize Money for the #Contest.

Sponsorship Offer

The Sponsorship Offer to @steemwomensclub to help towards the Prize Money for their #Contest is as follows...

  1. One-off single payment of 100 #Steem

  2. The 100 #Steem Sponsorship will be split over x2 Contests with each #Contest receiving 50 #Steem towards the Prize Money

  3. The SK, #Steem, #Steemit and PromoSteem Community logos to be added to future #Contest Announcements

  4. Help with the Design of the Promotional Artwork if needed with a possible view to branding the #Contest should the #Contest prove to be a success.

  5. Promotional Artwork for the #Contest and #Contest Announcements to include...

    a. SK logo
    b. PromoSteem Community logo
    c #Promo-Steem tag
    d. Reference to #Steem
    e. #Steem logo
    f. #Steemit logo (followed by the words "steemit.com")
    g. Reference to the SteemWomen Club Community

  6. The #Promo-Steem and #Contest tags to be used in the first x5 tags of the #Contest Entries

  7. SK to help promote the #Contest on #Steemit and Twitter

Free-to-Use SK logo *.png

SK logo (static round) transparent edge.png

#OneHundredSteem Sponsorship Acceptance

If the Sponsorship Offer is of interest to @steemwomensclub and they would like to proceed with the Offer, I will transfer the 100 #Steem over and make a formal announcement of the Sponsorship.

Looking forward to hopefully being able to support @steemwomensclub and help develop the #Contest with a view to bringing in those much anticipated Sponsorship Agreements.

Further Sponsorships

I will be announcing further Sponsorships over the next few days and I look forward to sharing these with you.

Thanks again for reading.


#Promo-Steem - SK #Steem Promotions (77)- Supporting #Steem Promoters around the World

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Thank you for supporting us. It would be better if you provide 50+50 Steem support twice for this sponsorship contest we organized for the first time. because we try to reach brands via e-mail. Of course this will take a long time. It will be better if you become a sponsor in the second sponsorship contest. in summary 50 steem prize for this brand competition competition will be very good. we will present you the announcement of the second brand competition.



I am happy to go ahead to support your Project and send over 100 #Steem for you to allocate over x2 Contests if you are happy with items 1 - 7 above in the Sponsorship Offer.

Agreeing to items 1 - 7 will help to promote your Project in between Contests.



I'm going to make the new announcement today that includes the logo. We will announce your sponsorship.



I will announce the Sponsorship this end shortly and transfer the 100 #Steem over at the same time.



hello, we have received the steems you sent. I will make another announcement about sponsorship as soon as possible. containing the necessary items. Thanks again. The steemit platform desperately needs generous investors like you.


It was a great way to promote any cosmetics brand and they deserve a sponsorship from cosmetics brands also. Sharing blog on tweeter and add the tag of the brand was really a great idea. This kind of brand should be promoted by #promo-steem project to provide sponsorship to the project. I hope we will get sponsorship from many brand very soon.
Thank you.


Imagine if any one of the leading cosmetic brands came to #Steemit: Chanel, Estee Lauder, Dior, L'Oreal or Lancome and staked #Steem to support those promoting their Brand the results would be jaw dropping.!!



we have dreamed of this for a long time. and that's why women tag the brands they promote on Twitter and ask for sponsorship

itu sangat bagus tuan @stephenkendal, apalagi transaksi pembelian sekerang sudah mulai bergerak dengan pembayaran dengan steem, maka tidak menutup kemungkinan usaha akan terus berkembang dan steemit pun akan menjadi salah satu aplikasi yang wajib untuk di miliki setiap pribadi orang 💪💪

This #contest will attract many cosmetics brands on tweeter and they will come #steemit to know the details of that #contest. There are a huge chance to convince the for promoting their products with the #promo-steem project what is very essential for the project.
Thanks for this perfect sponsorship to help the project.

Twitter is the matured people's place. @steemwomensclub its very good contest that on cosmetic and make-up products which is sponsored by #steemit. You are also a #steem-promoter. From your contest in the cosmetics brands many people will know about #steemit. @stephenkndal sir did his job perfectly and this is your turn, it is a very big responsibility to #promote steem in anywhere. And i am happy that you are doing it on twitter, it the best social media now.

The twist of this #contest was really excellent and they deserve this sponsorship for their great idea. We can know the most popular cosmetics brand by this #contest and they will also know about this platform and the #promo-steem project. If they come to promote their brands with #promo-steem project then it will be great for the project ever.
Thank you.

You never get tired promoting steem. Always ready to sponsor. May your sponsorship projects bear more fruits.

From individual sponsorship to clubs. wow...this is an outstanding direction. Many thanks for lending a helping hand to women on this platform.

Congratulations @steemwomensclub for winning this sponsorship to arrange contest on #steemit. Actually I believe #contest is a great thing for newcomers to grow up with #steem and they can understand the value of steem. Sir SK always distribute sponsorship wisely and I really appreciate his contribution to us ❤️💕💖

Congratulation @steemwomensclub
You are very hard working and also lucky that you got rewarded. Anyway, i am veryhappy to see that all the members here on this community are devoted to #promote #steem. They work hard as sir stephenkendal does. We are very happy to get you sir stephenkendal as our guardian in this community.

Everyone on #steemit loves the person who did something for it. Steemit is the blogging platform for me and i think your also @steemwomensclub. Do a thing for what i love is the happiest feeling in thee world. Your contest is interesting on twitter, you got sponsorship from @stephenkendal sir. Now you can also #promotesteem with your contest in a good way. Everyone have to know about #steemit. I wish one day every people on earth will know about the platform which give money for writing and this is the best one of all. You will do it perfectly i think.

Twitter is the best platform now to have the attention of new people or new investors. @steemwomensclub you are promoting the brand on twitter it is a very good decision i think. And the competition is great in twitter which is sponsored by @stephenkendal sir. With it you can properly do the challenge and also there is #promotion of #steemit. Good luck for you.


Glad to see your sponsorship on this great #contest. By this sponsorship we can get more sponsor for the #promo-steem project. This is the great opportunity to take attention from many brands by sharing #contest blog to tweeter. I want to thank them who arrange this #contest and thank you @stephenkendal for this sponsorship.

You are amazing sir, always do your best for PromoSteem and always give support and sponsor in PromoSteem activities. I am very inspired by your performance. I really like your way. You are the best in PromoSteem.

And congratulations @steemwomensclub, The right people have come to help.

That's another activities from you sir stephenkendal. #promosteem community is the best community for promoting anything. And all the credit goes to you sir. This community never goes so well and smoothly without you. Thanks for everything you do for us.

Congratulation @steemwomensclub.

This kind of #contest always helps to increase the activities of users. The value of #contest will increase by this sponsorship and many more participants will enter this #contest. It was a sponsorship for #contest after a long days.
Good wishes for this #contest and every participants of this #contest.
Thank you so much. ❤️

Thank you much for sponsoring the contest. The SteemWomen's Club team and the members are putting in all their efforts to attract cosmetic brands. It's not an easy task but it's not impossible as well. We hope to hear from them.

We have to support this entire movement, as we all benefit in one way or another. Thanks to everyone who makes this possible.

Thank you for your support @stephenkendal 🙏🏻

It gives me more Joy each time I see your incessant effort towards the development of this noble platform via support, endorsement in promoting steem blog ecosystem . How I wish everyone will has this positive spirit and energy to see the growth of steem , sky will be our limit.

you are always the best in supporting steemit users in #promo-steem

I really like your way sir and I always follow your posts and bring them up. and resteem

Shared on Twitter.

Please help to support the Marketing and Promoting of #Steem and #Steemit by sharing your Blogs to Social Media.





Waowww we are very happy🥰

Women can also promote steemit in various ways and I think it will be successful.

Congratulations to @steemwomensclub for this achievement, do not forget to support by sharing on social networks, with this we all benefit. Cheers to Stephen the mastermind of this entire project.

when it comes to promoting creativity is imposed. Congratulation.