Steem hits $1.05.!!

4개월 전

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#Steem hits $1.05.!!


That has taken me a little bit by surprise.

#Steem has hit $1.05.!!

On twitter?

For those that are on twitter, I thought I would share with you the latest tweet.

The tweet reads....



On twitter?

If you are on twitter, please feel free to like and retweet the above tweet.

Thanks again for reading.


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First time since August 2018 that Steem has been above a dollar! It's great to see this happening.

Excellent news that you give us @stephenkendal, the Steem passing the 1$ barrier, and we are going for more in this month that is going to begin.

I already retweeted your twitter on my profile.

Greetings and keep breaking the barriers the Steem

@stephenkendal,We are all amazed at the prices of steem. Because we all believe that steem will be better. Always let steem do something better, I pray. All will be well.

Sir, I think #steem become #1 for your 100 #steem #contest. You are really doing the great job.

I told you, by one of my comments that #steem will $1 and sbd will $8 in this current month.


Yeah but should be opposite - Steem=8$ and SBD=1$
whole idea of SBD is to be pegged around 1$ USD

Just wow! So your first target is succussed. But it has become $1 very soon. You told, steem will $1 by the April. Thank you. #promo-steem

Honestly I'm not surprised with $1.05 price of #steem as we work hard to #promo-steem more and we can wish for more success InshaAllah!

Finally the moment is here when #steem is $1.05, expecting more progress of it 💖

Very happy to see Steem has now woken up, please don't sleep again until $10! People were waiting for you long time!

Steem prices are amazing, we all believe Steem will be more advanced and growing, always successful @stephenkendal

The price that Steem has reached in such a short time @stephenkendal is extraordinary, and it would be very satisfactory for the platform to continue rising.

Hopefully Steem can provide positive things for all. and steem to the moon

Excellent initiative Mr. @stephenkendal, so that the steemit platform continues to grow. count on me to spread the word through my twitter.