Giveaway of maximum 0.04 Sbd , please read full post to be a part of this giveaway

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Hey guys as we know that everyday the steemers are increasing rapidly. So I think to organise a giveaway of maximum 0.05 and to the new steemer , but it is not that what you think. If I get upvote below 1$ in this post then I will give 0.003 sbd to 4 random user and if I get above 1$ in this post then I will giveaway 0.04 sbd to 5 random users . So the amount and users will increased as the number of upvote increased.

So what you have to do now that in this post you have to comment down your username and your year of joining on steemit, your upvote is also necessary , if you didn't upvoted this post then you will be get rejected and resteemed this post if possible so that it can reach maximum number of people.

Experience steemers also have a chance to win this contest , if I like their content.

So this contest will start now and end on 4th February at 9:30 p.m according to Indian standard time. No entry will be taken after 9. Pm on 4th February

So have a good day and a wonderful night.

Best of luck to all the steemers to win this contest.

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@samueloption is my username and I joined steemit this year precisely 4 days ago.

@talkswithdasho, I am impressed at your level of kindness and sportsmanship you are bringing to this community.
Keep it up...

@captboatface and been a member for 3 days i believe.

Good luck to all!

@jeff-dawn, joined january 18, 2018.

I'm with you on this and anything else you wish to do.