Thank You @Dfacademy for joining this Campaign - NPFL will soon Join us on Steem

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Nothing is as exciting when we have people who are ready to help is achieve our dreams. Every good project well executed has always been a product of a good collaboration.

Collaboration and team work is the power of humanity. I can vividly remember the days of #netcoins campaign among others where steemians joined forces together to win for our blockchain.

I am so excited when I read the recent posts made by @Threespeak and @Theycallmedan. We see that all fingers are pointing at Onboarding.

This gives me hope that I am on thr right path with a goal of having all Nigerian Professional Football League teams join us on Steem via @Sportstalksocial.

Already, the support exercised by @dfacademy is overwhelming on Twitter. Together we are going to push it until we bring #npfl to steem. This will be a big win for us as sports blogs has a massive consumption in Nigeria.

I hope the tweets meets the teams well and gives them reasons to join steem.

Let's keep the fum coming. Share your recent and quality #sportstalk blog in the Comment section for some yummy upvotes.

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It’s a pleasure ♨