Introducing #Promo-Tron to the Tron Community on Steemit


#Promo-Tron - Promoting #Tron around the World on #Steemit

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Introducing #Promo-Tron to the #Tron Community on #Steemit

Following on from the success of #Promo-Steem I would like to introduce the #Promo-Tron hashtag to the #Steem Blockchain.

It has been just over +2 years since #Promo-Steem was first created and it has been an absolute pleasure to see so many Promotional Initiatives embrace the Project.

As the #Promo-Steem Project continues to capture the imagination and creativity around the World promoting #Steem I would like to propose we leverage the Project and help the #Tron Community promote #Tron.

For those in the #Tron Community that have either recently joined or been part of the #Steem Community for some time, I would like to introduce the #Promo-Tron tag to be used in exactly the same way as the #Promo-Steem tag.

Fully Open-sourced Project

As a fully Open-sourced Project for anyone to use, if you are promoting #Tron both inside and outside of the #Steem Ecosystem and share your promotional activities on #Steemit feel free to use the #Promo-Tron tag as your Main Category Tag when creating your Blog.

Over the coming few weeks, I will be promoting the launch of #Promo-Tron at the same time keeping a look out for any Blogs that are promoting #Tron on #Steemit and using the #Promo-Tron tag.

Do you use #Promo-Steem?

To all those that are promoting #Steem and using the #Promo-Steem tag I first of all would like to once again extend my warm thanks for supporting the Project.

Without each and every one of you the Project would not have been the success it has.

Secondly, should anyone in the #Tron Community reach out for support in promoting #Tron and are looking for ideas on how to start, please help out where you can.

#Promo-Steem + #Promo-Tron

Should #Promo-Tron be as successful as #Promo-Steem then I think we are set to see something very special happen on #Steemit.

I will pass this message on to the #JTS Community and all those promoting #Tron and #TRX to let them know about the #Promo-Tron Project.

Looking forward to seeing the first Blogs come in.

Thanks again for reading.


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#JTS🌍❤ @jtsofficial

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@stephenkendal you ar absolutely right.tron company does not support steem We will also support tron. #promo-steem #promo tron
Thanks for great advice

@stephenkendal Sr you are doing great work to promote steem #promo-steem and now promote tron #promo-tron and other blockchain and cryptocurrencies project I really inspired from you efforts

Please put more resources to get more followers on steemit and Twitter because I think your following base is not as per your work and efforts for promoting good cryptocurrency project I am following your post daily to learn from you

Stay blessed and keep helping others to grow in this decentralize and dynamic world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies

The Heart beat of the Community,
Glad to see You have seized the opportunity to make a difference once again!!!

Really great #Promo-Tron project..
My dear Sr @stephenkendal..

Promoting steem is our priority and we must not relent till we get to the top. Steem on