#promo-uk #promolancaster: Continued success in Lancaster, with HUNDREDS more flyers given out! Bigger plans for the future.

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As term here at Lancaster University draws to an end, students head back home to enjoy a much needed rest(including me!) however #promolancaster continues!

Handing out hundreds of flyers over the past week has been amazing and very rewarding. Almost everytime I spoke to someone about it, they asked me if I'd put up the posters! It's great to hear that people had noticed them.

Overall feedback has been amazing! Almost everyone I spoke to hadn't heard about what STEEMIT is, nor could understand how it exists. I spoke to a concerned Art student, who thought STEEMIT might be a scam. After giving her a quick overview of what it is she started to get it. It was showing her the #promo-uk Team accounts which got her interested!

As we can already start to see now, we're seeing figures of around 2000 new accounts being created on a daily basis and this is only going to exponentially increase. Handing out leaflets, I've come to realise it's simply a case of telling people about it, giving them the ususual sales pitch, for them to then take a quick look at STEEMIT! And this can be seen in the latest account figures.


  • More posters left in the snack area of the "Learning Zone". Whilst people eat, they'll see these!

The Future

Over the coming months, more promotional material will be made in preparation for freshers week in early October! This will include the brand new design by @adamm and the STEEMIT pens and STEEMIT shirts by @stephenkendal. I'm really looking forward to how this will turn out and a big thanks to the community for helping the #promo-uk Team spread the word!

Thanks for reading,

The initiative of the #promo-uk Team is to spread the message about STEEMIT throughout UK Universities by targeting young individuals who we believe could really benefit from STEEMIT.

As a University Student I am I looking forward to sharing my experience on STEEMIT with my fellow students.

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Well done Kiran. Excellent job. Keep up the great work. I will speak to you at the beginning of next week as planned and look forward to chatting about the great initiative ideas you talked about regarding Freshers Week the last time we spoke. Great to have you on the #promo-uk Team. Stephen

This is great work @themeanbean.

Is there anyway of tracking how many join up from this marketing?

Maybe some sort of code on the leaflets that could be entered on a promo-uk welcome post as a comment to get a small reward?


Hi Pennsif,

Great point! We've actually been talking about this over the past couple of weeks.

Check this post out:

Basically we're putting a QR code on the flyer/poster and encourage individuals to scan it. That will link to a topic such as #Promo-UK. We also have the physical merchandise such as Pens and T-Shirts we can give out for confirmed sign ups :) I hope this helps!



Hi @themeanbean, the QR code will be useful.

It would good to also have some form of 'fallback' system for those that don't use QR codes. Otherwise there is always the risk of undercounting the success rate of the leaflets.

With standard web based promotions we would use a unique url on the promo material that we would track visits to via Google Analytics, but I don't think there would be anyway of emulating that on steemit?

So it would need some more pro-active approach of telling new signers to visit a particular account perhaps to get a little signup reward. That would have a small cost but would encourage engagement and retention.

Maybe new signers could be offered a mentor or steem-buddy to help them through the very confusing first few weeks.

I've experienced that sort of mentoring system in online games and it has been very useful.

I am a bit of a noob still so this may all be in place and I haven't spotted it. Forgive my ignorance if that is case.

great news, steem on!

Wow this is awesome! Great work! I agree with @pennsif that it would be great if there was some way to track how many sign up from this, that way we can see what the results are :)


Hi Natasha,

Thanks for your support!

The plan is to put some QR codes on the flyers/posters. Check this post out:


Great work!!