The STEEMIT ANTHEM composed by the creative @jeaniepearl

3년 전

Talk creativity, talk intelligence, talk innovations, one of the person on steemit I give those adjective to is @jeaniepearl. She doesn't stops to amaze me.


Of late, I haven't posted much on my blog, I have been observing how to make impact on here, trying to bring that innovative aspect of me. Each time I search for who to learn from, @jeaniepearl keeps giving the inspiration, although she doesn't know this because I haven't been interacting with her one on one though... but going through her post and comments I bet I believ she has what it takes to be that SUPER WOMAN..

At first, the kick off of her THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY show on steemit still baffles me, it's so widely accepted by steemians, so impactful to meet other steemians, affords one to send a bottled message and shout outs, to top it you can win by answering questions, the show is so interactive and she improves on it at every new episodes...

When I thought that was all... I saw her post about composing the steemit anthem.. It has got two stanza, simple and short and the motive is basically directed at making POSITIVE IMPACT. I am marvelled by her display of intelligence..... now the anthem has been recited by @jeaniepearl and

Here is a link to listening and reading the content of the anthem which has been uploaded on dtube.


Thank you @jeaniepearl, I draw inspiration from your post..... you are a blessing to the Nigeria steemit community and steemit community as a whole...

@deronke cares

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Times like this we need @teardrops by @surpassinggoogle

As if you planned this with my roomate,she is playing a very slow song and then this
Mehn!!! Am crying

I really appreciate this dear
A boost to even do more.

You are awesome and for celebrating me,the world will never lack a reason to celebrate you

Thank you


You are welcome @jeaniepearl the Engineer but BORN creative writer.....

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I agree with you. Jennifer is so inspiring. I love her


Thanks ma

My name is Maryjane not jennifer,lol
Love ya too


smiles..... Engineer Maryjane

  ·  3년 전

@jeaniepearl has got lots up there. She is really inspiring and she keeps getting better at this.

@deronke nothing beats a grateful heart. Thanks for celebrating this beautiful lady with an even more beautiful heart.


you both have got the inspiring virus that spreads to evreryone in the community.... @gee1 thanks for all that you do...

  ·  3년 전

Thanks dearie


Thanks for the honour dear