New Initiative = #PromoteAPost. Creating Win-Wins on the Steem Blockchain.

3년 전


I've been thinking about how to make people Rich As Fuck lately.

I have my weekly contest and I've made a few people rich beyond any kind of dream or meme but...

What if there was an initiative that could make all of us Rich As Fuck?

Sitting here, chilling, listening to @msp-waves I thought about a very simple idea.

An idea with nothing but upside.


(or Promo Tea Post, however you look at it.)

The idea is simple: write a post promoting another post and send the author the liquid payout!

With the 7 day window and the constant stream of new posts, LOTS of great posts can go unseen.

Sharing the gems you find can give the author and the post new life and at the end of your 7 day window... boom... the author gets a little more. You can easily see author rewards in your wallet, when payout happens send them the liquid steem or sbds, and you get your steem power. Win/win.

It creates nothing but upside.

Can't think of something to write? Boom promote an awesome post you saw and there's your post.

Feel like a post should make more? Boom post about it and they'll get more views and your liquid payout (and maybe a crazy whale vote).

Want to help new authors or steemians? Promote their stuff and they'll get more views from your followers.

Discovery of content on steemit is meh? Follow the #promoteapost tag and see who other steemians find valuable.

I love the music of Steem so I will be focusing on dsound posts and I can use this to add new songs to the SteeMix as well. Win/win.

So yeah thats my idea and I will share my first #PromoteAPost tomorrow and I hope you do too, right now even. Let's grow this tag and make ourselves Rich As Fuck by sending each other money :)


Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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I love the Promo Tea Post idea....but I don't like tea....


Promo tea them posts :)

This is such a good idea I might promote this post about promoting posts. On my post about posting.




theoretically that sounds good. but if we are all cope, then we are just self promoting.

A great idea, it will help the new users build, and you also get your post.
Thank You!


Thanks buddy, lets make it rain.

Brilliant idea


Thanks @yidneth, I'll be hoping the tag and this idea takes off haha.

Uuuuuu. A review post, post... Or is it, review a post, post... Its one of these two. Seems cool. Im going to be so bad. :D


Do it, have fun. I'm hoping the tag and the idea can uplift content creators just a tiny bit.

I think this is a brilliant idea, and is right in line with the helpie mission of helping each other do well in this awesome steemiverse.
Mmmmuah ♡♡♡


Thank you babe, let's make it rain on this chain.


Rain chain

I love it!


Thank you, hope you participate. Let's make it rain on awesome content creators :)

Amazing idea.... but lets see how it get worked...


It's already working :) First post is out and I hope more people participate.

That should bring out cheetahbot I like it. You have a little PR/Marketing guy in you. LETS WORK.


Thank man, hope you participate. Let's make it rain brotha.

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