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We all came to Steemit platform for various reasons, but the majority's goal is all the same: money. However, there are those out there for whom not only revenue is important, or not primarily the revenue. I personally helped already to assimilate dozens of newcomers and continue to help daily. I came from the Russian project and there for some reason people also did not think about such a useful thing as readers. After all, the more we read, the more popular the project becomes and hence new investors will invest money to the platform. In addition, large bloggers can engage in advertising, which I have not yet seen either there on Golos or here on Steemit. So, how to attract the readers? I think that it is necessary that posts have comments of real people, then maybe advertisers will pay attention to this project and we will have even more big investors. I'm not telling you about Internet scammers or sellers of any trifles. I'm telling you about serious companies advertising their cars and much more, this will give another push to the project. Perhaps you will find other reasons why investing in my project. What do I propose to you? You delegate a certain amount of your steam power to one of my accounts and in return get daily readers who will also leave comments on your posts. Those comments will be in English language, from real people and related to your post subject. Perhaps in the future we will add other languages. Your Steam Power will be used to encourage participants in the commenting program. So both sides will get benefits from this program. If interested, please contact me via Telegram, my nickname there is the same: @zhivchak

To subscribe to my projecct you need to delegate SP to Steemit account @empress-katy and inform me via Telegram @zhivchak :

100 SP 2 comments per day, 200 SP 4 comments a day and further on increasing scale. One post per day.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Indeed, the project Stimet all came at different times and with different goals. But personally I would like to get acquainted with interesting people and make some money. After all, no matter how we do not want everything in our life is connected with material prosperity.

Действительно на проект Стимет все пришли в разное время и с разной цель. Но лично мне хочется познакомиться с интересными людьми и немного заработать денег. Ведь как бы мы не хотели все в нашей жизни связано с материальным достатком.

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P.S. Думаю, что превью-картинку тоже надо будет соорудить.

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