Negativity Band Wagon

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Take a look at action and reaction for a moment. Everything reacts to stimulus whether it is ice in a cup of tea that causes the liquid to become cold or the swing of a bat that causes the baseball to flee the ballpark. Pretty straight forward. But what about reactions to the negative?

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Think about Trump's election for a moment and the effort to keep him from being elected. I do not believe he had much of a chance at first, but constant negative pressure such as "Never Trump" rhetoric repeated at a full-auto, shot-gun pace gave him brand awareness. Then a complete vacuum of what might be in store for the country coming from the Democratic side left people to wonder what they were voting for. Simply voting for "Not Trump" tells the the subconscious that there will be no president. Since then, there has been a doubling down on negativity, and we may end up with orange-man-bad for another four years simply for a lack of any information on an alternative.


Now have a look at that nagging Brexit that seems to be growing in popularity despite all attempts to kill it or at least make it fit in a "no-exit" box. Trying to convince people that staying in the E.U. with different conditions under the name Brexit or that a deal is even necessary only serves to piss people off. The longer you fail to comply with the choice of slightly more than half of the population, the more the people will blame those in government who fail to get the job done.

They planned to Never Trump or Not Trump and got Trump

They planned to say Brexit with No Exit

Both movements grow despite having started with just over 50% support.

If the Trump or Brexit bandwagon is the only wagon people see, they will jump on! Telling folks to stay away from that wagon all day long only causes it to fill up. It works with crowds or whole countries. It also works on a family or personal level.

Is it possible to get rich by concentrating all efforts on not going broke? How about quitting smoking by waking up one day with the goal Don't Smoke? I am pretty sure that broke and smoke will not be avoided. That is how things work.

Do not think of a pink elephant!

@done - now get that elephant out of your mind.

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I have been listening so much about brexit from the silver starckers I follow on social media. They are desperately buying silver before the Brexit changes and before price changes.

Nice inception reference, I think I will dream about pink, or elephants or exit doors.

Hi @done, at one point you broke the word "Unconscious", in all cases the unconscious does NOT understand what comes before the verb. like when you say to a child: "Do not be stupid", the obvious mind the "NO" I think that's why the "collective unconscious" behaves in the same way. Excellent writing Regards!


Good point. Imagine what our children could accomplish if directions were phrased in the positive and not focused on the undesirable act that we want them to avoid.

Hi @done!
Because of this interesting article I can not stop thinking about my country and the upcoming elections.
How much thinking about corruption and corruption? Will we choose your biggest representative?


At election time, we often vote for the "lesser of two evils" but I ask, "Why are we choosing any evil?"

Certainly, I support the idea of the existence of psychosocial laboratories, an example can be observed in Venezuela, they launch through the media a news against the government that the government uses for their benefit.

To surprise you a little (readers of this commentary) the minister of communication and information of the Venezuelan government is a psychiatrist. This man has the ability to transform a campaign against the government into something in favor of the government.

Interesting topic, thanks for sharing.


He has an incredible ability to mold information in his favor indolently.

In our world, all the leaders and rulers have become a group of crazy people, who are just doing what they want and not what is benefiting their societies and their world.

This is very psychological blogs which indicates every action taken by community is always not happening what they want sometime it is opposite.
Great blog sir.

Welcome back after a long break and hope now you will be regularly upload an great blog. Thanks for this blog

very appropriate and very real what you say. In life, many times, denial makes false paradigms that we will not achieve those things we want so much. Each person must strive to achieve their dreams, no matter how many people say NO, we must always think positively, look for strategies so that this No, very soon becomes a YES. With faith, with pascience, and with much effort, we can achieve all those things that we really want and long for

Greetings, time I did not read your blog.

This is like a force of attraction towards the negative.



Glad to see you @done after a long time here, i think about 5 month plus ago you posted something. I agreed your whole words and philosophy behind this post. I personaly think that negativity has bad effects even short term or long term.

hello @done, greetings from venezuela

always, we must think positive, it is the only way to achieve success. In the case it shows, nobody at that time gave Trump credit for being president, however, his effort, his optimism and his positivity managed to convince millions of people to give him their support and, in this way, the achievement is President. . Whenever we think positive, we will make failure become a success, we just have to tear out of our minds those complexes that do not allow us to move forward. Faith, perseverance and work are the key to turning the negative into something positive.

Hello sir @done. I haven't seen you in a long time. and I am happy to be able to meet you again.

Hopefully all leaders of the country can be fair, and make the community prosperous. in Indonesia where I live, the presidential election is very chaotic. many say that the party that won the presidential election made a lot of cheating. so they win.

other parties and many people do not accept this fact. they protested and made a massive demonstration. the number of people involved in the demonstration was tens of thousands. the demo that they did ended up very chaotic. and many victims were injured and there were also victims who were killed in the demonstration at that time. I hope this doesn't happen to other countries.

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Brothers, see the example of Venezuela, do not follow those roads, they are ending everything.

The politicians only show faces of sheep until they win the presidential elections.

Choose well who will govern and represent you.

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hi ... @done
images and words that you post are very impressive things and the wisdom is extraordinary. #very good#

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I am glad to see you're doing okay. I'd been curious where you'd disappeared to.

I think you're absolutely correct about what you've said here. Unfortunately though, I suspect that the reason majority support is wanted for Brexit before it happens, is the same reason majority support was cultivated for Trump - so that when both the US and the UK fall into political and economical turmoil, the blame can be laid at the feet of the people who made awful voting choices, rather than the bankers and politicians who led us to this inevitable doom.

What you wrote made me think about the situation in my country. Maybe you are right and that is what is happening to us now with the government that is in power. I'm From Venezuela

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Aqui mi visita para saludar,espero este bien y visite mi blog,saludos

A very interesting article the elections in my country are very difficult days where people are very divided and there is no faith in the voting. God bless you @done

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