How many friends have you lost to this insanity?



The longer the campaign of unnatural fear continues, the easier we can see undeniable side effects... and the more people’s rote justifications for compliance are revealed as premature and unsubstantiated.

The longer the climate of medical tyranny continues, the more the empty falsehoods, fraudulent incentives and pretzel logic from those at the core of the pandemic narrative unravel and become exposed as planks of pure propaganda.

The longer we remain trapped lin the clutches of massive corruption, the more people will fall back on threadbare denials and meaningless appeals to authority - especially phony “purchased” or advertised ones - in part to make up for their ignorance and alienation from authenticity.

The longer the carefully crafted popular illusion persists that more people are falling seriously ill with the injection than fell ill prior to it, the more embarrassing and hopeless humanity chances for redemption appear.

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