How to start writing a proposal "I need your help my fellow community members"

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Hello Good morning family
Please help me

Today i suggested to write this post in this morning so that i can get views and help from different persons worldwide.

My question is;

I want to start my ICT project in my community but i don't know how to start writing proposals, requirements requires in my ICT project and need to get donors who going to fund me with funds to start my ICT project in my community.

waiting your views and your help.

I will be happy if you help me to achieve my dream.

Enjoy your day
God bless you

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Hi Muzito08,
Can you explain a bit, what your ICT project is?

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Hello @achimmertens thank you alot for commenting on my post.
MY ICT PROJECT IS aimed to improve on Computer skills in my community and country wide (Uganda)
My Goal is to see that all people in my community or in my province can use a computer independently without asking for any help for problem solving involving Computer for example me i can use computer (My android phone to look for friends, communicating with people worldwide like am communicating with you my best friend, if there was no computer where did i find you to communicate with you.
But my problem is funds. As per now i lack funds to support me to make my dream to true.


Please see also
And when you have time, you can join our discord meeting tomorrow 8 pm Uganda time here:

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Hi Muzito08, maybe I can help a little bit. This project looks worthy for me to be supported.
Please write a blog about it with pictures and text, that proofs as good as possible, what you are doing and that this is useful for the people. I can repost it to our fundition project, that sometimes gives some money. I also can give you some NOBEL Token, that you can sell afterwards. I don't know how much we get, but it's worth a try.

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