Please vote for the SPS proposal to add Steem to Scatter. Come on guys, check he proposals and Vote! The Steem for Scatter proposal is a LOT more important than some STeem trading card game, which im glad we have too but come on...

28일 전


Come on, go vote for proposals using @steempeak

or use the

This proposal is extremely important as it will allow us to have STEEM main net token on Scatter, i already added STEEM EOS token to scatter pegged 1:1 via and we can have MAIN NET steem for SMTS

This is a pre requisit to have SMts on NEWDEX


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I love that SPS can work if we just promote the good proposals to whales like @thejohalfiles and @aggroed and @matt-a and so many others. We could all use some good proposals like this that help the back end infrastructure for steem to allow a LOT more to happen for us! Once we get scatter we can trade STEEM ENGIEN AND SMT tokens on the Newdex and other dexes and have all sorts of amazing main net steem DEX activities once steem wallet pack is on scatter and all steem tokens start showing up :)