African Poverbs : Even the Loftiest mountain begins on the ground _ morroco proverbs

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In Rome, about AD 161, Marcus Aurelius, who was an emperor hired a special servant to himself to walk behind him. The Job of the servant's was only to whisper in the ears of the Emperor: "you are just a man" whenever the Emperor received praises from people.

Unequivocally, Marcus Aurelius recognised the temptation to think of himself beyond what is normal. The temptation to be pompous is something we all face in our day to day activities, especially for those of us who are very talented.

As praises is poured on us or as we look back at our accomplishments there is always this tendency to behave or think of ourselves as a "gods" or "godesses" or even self as a superhuman for that matter.

But whatever high you rise on the ladder of success , never forget that you are only but a human. Remember to Keep your feet to the ground.


  • How high you rise, definitely tells you how deep you can fall.
  • no matter far you go in life, you will always be a step away from a fall.

Don't be lifted too much up in pride. *Dont forget that for whatever you are, people helped you directly or indirectly to be there. whatever extraordinary position you occupy, there is still need for you support of ordinary people.

Be down to earth!

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