African Proverb: whoever tells the truth is chased out of seven villages.

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I think Plato once said that , "No body is more hated than the one who speaks the truth.” Thats absolutely right.

Truth represents light. We know that Light uncovers dirt (corruption ) and crookedness (evil). While Lies on the other hand represent darkness. Light exposes darkness.
Darkness hates light. showinh that those who walk in the truth will be hated by those who are living in lies. Not that they don't hate the truth person, but they hate how the truth makes them feel. It makes them feel uncomfortable. It strips people of their hypocrisy.

If you profess to be an advocate of truth, and everyone like you, you need to check if or not it's really the truth you've been professing.

By-the-way, the question is

  • why will an advocate of truth be chased out of nine villages and even not one?

This expression is figurative though it carries some insight. It informs us that most places or people in society don't have interest in the truth.

They would rather be tickled and live with lies than be pinched with the truth that matter most.

If you aspires to be truthful, then you must give up your ambition to be popular. Instead Be willing!

Country's Proverb: #CapeVerde

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