African Proverb: You don't become an expert in five days.

3년 전

The problem that many of us has is that we want to become experts overnight. But there exist no such thing as an overnight expert. Its just like saying you want instant patience.

There is nothing like that

The word 'expert' , i assumed means having extensive knowledge or proficient ability in a particular field. Therefore, since none of these two just comes overnight, it means one cannot be an expert overnight.
There are 3 ingredients i feel are needed to become an expert at anything:

  • practice,
  • patience and
  • persistence.

We all know this great runner Usain Bolts and how good he is, but did you know how hard it was to get where he is? Did you also know that Usain Bolts has scoliosis?

He did narrates his ordeal while growing up:

"When I was younger and growing up, it wasn’t really a problem. But as you grow and it gets worse. My spine’s really curved bad [makes “S” shape with finger]. But when I keep my core and back strong, the scoliosis doesn’t really bother me again. So I don’t really have to worry about it as long as I work hard" (ESPN Interview).

The principle to derive here is that we must press and continue to press on until we get to our goal

Be unfainting!

Country's Proverb: #Somalia

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