African Proverbs : Every woman is beautiful until she speaks

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There is this popular sayings They say "beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder".

I believe in this to a great extent. Who you would see as beautiful may not be beautiful to me. when it comes to the useage of the tongue, therefore, we all agree on what is beautiful and what is ugly. Gossiping, nagging , cursing, slandering, lying and backbiting and many others are acts we do not consider as attractive.
Very sad to say, there are many beautiful women out there who are only beautiful in how they look but ugly in how they talk.

They are simply not well refined or restrained in their speech. They look so beautiful until one hears the ugliness that comes from their mouth.

Last last, their ugly character then overshadows their beautiful looks, which makes them unattractive.

Of course, men are not exempted from this. Men are probably more guilty if not equally guilty.

Women are used here just to create the imagery or contrast between ugliness and beauty.

Moreover, this proverb applies to all even though women are mentioned. Be attractive!

Country's Proverb: #Zimbabwe

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