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World has been revolutionized by the emergence of blockchain and has made a powerful impact on world’s economy.
Generally, nobody likes to be dependent in any way and in-dependency is like a freedom. Which everyone adores. So same human nature applies to the technology made by human's only!
Although internet is considered a magnificent invention during 90's when W.W.W. by Tim Berners-Lee bought a rapid revolution. Even today our dependency throughout time is increased on internet which on the other hand, unfortunately is Centralized.Internet is being prone to fraud, theft, scalabilityetc due to it's centralization
This was confronted by the invention of Blockchain in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. This wasn't stable as internet, but had a major advantage over it. which was Decentralization. Eliminating intermediates.

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On blockchain ecosystem, there are anormous amount of technolgy and application which are providing scertain set of services, and then comes another technical applications which are meant to rectify the problems like scalability etc.
The main delima lies on the variety of services. One needs to employ different applications due to their services in order to complete a work. which is indeed a hazel.

To get rid of such problems and more, here's ProximaX !

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It basically is decentralized ledger technology. In simpler words , a technology based on blockchain which owes a potential to integrate various services on a single platform!
This is what the story revolves around. In oder words " ProximaX is on a mission to make a fully fledged platform for universal application development; with blockchain as a value anchor among the builders, funders, and consumers of its new technological paradigm." Having variety of set of tools and services for both developers and consumers on a single platform with inherent benefits of blockchain technology.
In a motive to be unique and innovative, ProximaX is extending the limits and going beyond the regular system by integrating off-chain, peer-to-peer storage, streaming, and database service layers that are often found in traditional software-as-a-service (“SaaS”) centralised architectures.

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This innovative platform is powered by blockchain technology known as ProximaX Sirius, which provides a standardized network that brings up multiple core services such as streaming, supercontracts and storage. It tackles the problem of no cohesion between the various development tool.

Bringing Mass Adoption!

Even after being decentralized blockchain has yet to cover mass adoption. There are several barriers between it's path.
To be very honest as a consumer I would definitely seek for most perfect among all platform. which is not in the case of Blockchain. There's a major issue persisting that applications built on blockchain tends to offer few services like some wold offer good scalability, less expansive or anything but not everything which is required. this then becomes a major hazel for developers as they have to compromise which is time and cost effective.

The alternate to this problem is must because it is indeed a big barrier between the blockchain's path to be affectionately adopted by all.
Thus, bringing this to a solution, ProximaX The Sirius Chain acting like a spine to the entire project. In technical language "It is a blockchain denoted by a token called the “service unit.” These units are smart contracts defined on the Sirius Chain, which is itself a fork of the highly successful NEM Chain, called Catapult."

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Let me simplify the working, actually what blockchain does is it handles data through blocks and secure it using different cryptographic techniques to chain those data structures together. encryption techniques are used to secure the data using the chaining blocks is such a reliable method. On top of the blockchain there are the core services. Each of these core services is a platform, with its own ecosystem and token economy that utilizes the blockchain protocol.
Considering the core features
{1} Sirius Storage
{2} Supercontracts
{3} Sirius Streaming
{4} Sirius Database
{5} Sirius Content Review
This all happens to ease up the difficulties faced. actually through sirius system the data is encrypted and saved in smaller units as nodes, which gives access to major storage and scalability. Streaming is such a new generation entertainment based facility. providing public core facility such as sirius database and sirius content review is like adding some extra efforts to the technology in order to make it best as possible.

The Creative Architecture!

I being an architect gets automatically attracted to the word architecture, but here it's not about building buildings but about what technicality involved in building ProximaX.
Getting more deeper about ProximaX Sirius , Storage-Streaming-Database-Consensus plays vital role

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After learning about what it offers and how it offers, it is must to learn about the advantages you get from their platform.

With various applications ProximaX offers basic advantages too. which are hard to find in a single platform, thus making this platform stand out loud.
{A} Highly Scalable, which is need of the hour.
{B} Highly Configurable, which every advanced technology should owe.
{c} Highly Secure, which turns out reliable.
{D} Transparent, which makes technology last longer.
{E} Speed, saves time for sure as time is money.
{D} Easy-to-Use, for mass adoption.
{E} Flexible, even 100% availability.
All such advantages in one platform makes it more trustworthy and profitable. Thus, making this platform an advanced level which tends to become the next generation of blockchain.

The ProximaX's Forte!

To be very honest, I found their apps to be their forte. And you too will realize it after reading below-

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1/ ProximaX KYC- Now, the data can easily be stored with maximum assured security. with advanced permission-based access to identity records, enabling greater control and ownership over personal data. Not only individual but industry based kyc is also supported which is very reliable and secure. Here's link to know more about it.

2/ ProximaX Suite- Now forget about centralized suits in workspace like Gsuite etc. here's a decentralized suite which will provide maximum security from data theft and will provide a big virtual workspace for offices. Here's the link, in order to grasp more about it.

3/ ProximaX FileIt- Basically sharing and storing files across multiple nodes on the ProximaX Sirius platform is what it is about. this is innovative client-based file sharing app.

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4/ ProximaX Notes- Basically a very secure i.e. encrypted note taking tool with embedded images. which is quite often required in offices, and the important notes can be saved securely is what it aims to.

5/ ProximaX Forensics- Some researches and evidences are important and needs extra security, in such cases ProximaX Forensics comes to rescue. as investigators and scientists to access digital evidence easily, quickly and also store digital evidence securely.

6/ ProximaX Identity- The security is such a necessity which is tackled as providing "Identity is a highly secure verification system for personal information that can be used as a unified source of data across public and private sectors."

The Revolutionizing Tokenomics!

The Token ecosystem is revolutionalizing as it has various folds which are intelligently made. Basically self organization of the elements with Adaptability to different vectors of attack upon the system and moreover growing infrastructure for always welcoming additional plugins.
To be very precise the ProximaX token ecosystem has two layers:
The Native Token (XPX) - Powers the blockchain and pays for services
Service Units - Units of measure of the services performed over the protocol
Custom Tokens - Created by users to build DApp (decentralized application) markets throughout the network
End-user payments - Any method of payment (crypto or fiat) can be built into any application supported by ProximaX".

Talking about the Native Token- XPX!
It is Like a major spine for the ProximaX , empowering the sirius blockchain. XPX are traded in for service units via an automated inner exchange which makes it easy to use and handle . These are consumed to process supercontracts.
Coming to service units, As for now they are fully compatible for their uses. They are used by customers to pay for the services provided to them, The nodes which run the services are rewarded using service units. In order to Measure the capacity of a node for executing a service it is used.
The unique approach for sustainability, extensive, demonstrating for the first time that apps of any kind can be provided for a fee. In short words we can consider that it is used to make transaction on this amazing blockchain in a fixed value vis-a-vis a volatile cryptocurrency.
Purchasing tokens are easy through them-

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If we are talking about tokens then bringing the custom token into limelight is essential!
To be very precise, MOSAICS is the custom token of ProximaX.
The very innovative approach to the market is the introduction of the custom token. it is very clear from the word itself that customization. "Mosaics refer to contracts which are pre-defined on the blockchain protocol. These contracts can represent anything the designers wish for them to associate value with: currencies, assets, consumption, etc."

It can be diversified as for now one can add tokens to the infrastructure to represent whatever is their need. although this brings the multitutional expansion of the project with Divisibility, Duration, Initial Supply, Supply Mutability and Transferability.
The Automated Inter Exchange
Very clear from the word itself, as discussed above making the end user experience amazing and making an easy to use environment , the automated inter exchange has been realized.This is technically built on Sirius Chain, enabling the exchange of the XPX with designated service units.
To wonder how users are benefited from such a feature is that now its possible that using the automated inter exchange to create new core services such as search engine etc.

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The Priority- Customers and applications!

How can one not forget why are the new technologies developing, off-course for users and basically applications being the integral part.
"SDKs and REST APIs are the mediums by which the platform can be used by the consumer."
Their are various services provided by proximaX for the An application owner that creates their service on top of the ProximaX platform and their users. As discussed throughout Sirius Chain is backbone and apps are built on it.
Talking about them-
"*Account *- Identification infrastructure
Namespace - A plugin that creates a domain representation (name) of a business
Mosaic - A digital representation of value that may or may not be associated with a namespace
Metadata- Data associated with pre-built plugins; needed for applications relying on third-party services through the use of URLs (unified resource locations)
Supercontracts - Contracts that execute via a distributed manner with a pre-agreed consensus mechanism; developers can access pre-existing sets or create their own"

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Definitely a value to the technical system is - PoG as it is an original, synergistic, addition to the PoS system. It allows the system to scale, stay equitable, and egalitarian which indeed is vital.

Visual presentation!


I would love to conclude this technology as a new era of blockchain. How innovation has reached at the peak. how decentralized ledger technology been advanced. ProximaX is completely fledged platform from bringing vital services through applications to making blockchain network strong, reliable, scalable and much more like basically integrating all the facilities into one single platform. The speedy transaction, the secure and decentralized storage, the encrypted passwords and much more is there for ProximaX to offer to the world, it's spine the XPX token and Sirius Blockchain provides a vital range of technical services. Thus, the crux of their plat and this amazing technology is that it is revolutionizing the world.

The Team!

How can we write about the technology and not about the creative minds and hardworking souls behind it?

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The Technology Partners.

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All the image have their source mentioned below them, and few text which was copied are in quotes.
Endeavour to do your own research through following links-
ProximaX Website
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