ProxiMax; A platform that create decentralized application for commercial usage


What is ProximaX?

ProximaX is an Integrated and Distributed Ledger Technology platform that provides the necessary tools for web builders and developers to have the opportunity to build their own personal applications on the platform enjoying all the benefits of blockchain technology. ProximaX is not only aimed at building new applications or social media platforms, it’s mainly focused on building an avenue where developers all around the globe can come together to share and implement ideas for universal application development with blockchain as the bedrock of the great technological model.
Proximax appearance in the playing field is quite convenient considering the level of difficulty and challenges that developers face while creating dapps and other web based services. Proximax has all it needs to reduce the difficulty level one these numerous features includes the ecosystems different active nodes actors,each(node) providing their own unique services wrapped in an accessible application programming interface (“API”) through a set of software development kits (“SDKs”) and HTTP/S endpoints.

Benefits of ProximaX

The foundation of ProximaX and what makes it a creative, progressive and proficient stage is Sirius Chain, which being a fork of Catapult de Nem, has had an extraordinary improvement, fortifying frail focuses and assaulting those disappointments that could cause issues for the client, which has brought about a productive method to oblige the interest heap of expanded focal administrations and side chains in the system.

This agreement, in contrast to Proof of Work (PoW), is considerably more productive from a financial perspective and with better execution, where through PoS the more noteworthy interest the client has, the more noteworthy the motivating force or reward that they have.

Security: Due to the fact that the network is built on the blockchain, compromising the network simply means that all the nodes containing a piece of data will be compromised at thesame time which is almost impossible, this makes the network highly secured.

Transparency: Every transaction on the network is irreversible, cannot be altered and are time stamped.

Highly scalable: The network is capable of handling multiple and large size transactions coupled with all blockchain features while other services such as streaming can continue comfortably.

User Friendly
Every user on the platform has equal rights as to what they can benefit, what really matters is their ability to utilize their potentials to exhaust the oportunity. Every user can;

Cost effective: ProximaX circulated innovation help designer to assemble their in and off blockchain extends effectively without inquisitive for top to bottom learning identified with blockchain working. This for all intents and purposes spares time, endeavors and cash.

Transparency and 100% availability: In ProximaX, Every single minute's data is put away encoded way which is irreversible and unchangeable. This element is somewhat connected with blockchain and subsequently furnish ultra security alongside straightforwardness simultaneously.

Super Speed: Peer-to-peer innovation in Distributable engineering is the plausible reasons because of which ProximaX has such wonderful speed!

Ultra Scalability: Proximax's Distributable engineering highlight incapable it to deal with enormous userbase information and Transactions while keeping up nearly a similar speed, straightforwardness and other unchanging highlights like security, etc.

Proximax provides developers the keys to creating Dapps(decentralized applications) and system solution for commercial uses. Proximax has drawn a broad line when it comes to its uses cases ranging from minor to major projects like: KYC processes, business continuity, video streaming, health, identity, IoT devices and robotics, big data applications, records and reporting systems, traceability, legal and notary services, land registry, trade finance, payment and settlement, security issuance, management and exchange, workforce collaboration, messaging, and supply chain management. Proximax is made up of different core services that share the workload of the platform based on its category each with a state of its own, independent from other services and bound by the Sirius chain.

Main Features

-Multiple mark of numerous levels
-Transactions between chains
-Transactions included

Risks Associated with the Sirius Chain

In the PoS Algorithm, the richest and oldest validators are likely to be selected to validate most of the transactions, thereby causing a vulnerability for the system because a validator with over 50% stake can decide to attack the network by launching a Large-stake attack earning most of the fees and attempt to take control of the network. PoG will prevent this Vulnerability because it offers a fair charge between users and validators.
This is a situation where fraudulent validators try to manipulate the PoG algorithm by accepting zero fees for validating transactions. This will then form most of the blocks and gradually take over the entire network.

Sirius Chain Goals

-Provide incentives to encourage existing and new participants to expand and secure
the network.
-Provide a very scalable system with minimal resource footprint.
Offer a range of basic transaction types that launch cryptocurrencies past their core
use of a payment system alone.
-Provide an agile architecture that facilitates the addition of new core services, and the
-Provide compatibility with any device including mobile phones and IoT.
-Proximax aims to achieve optimal transaction speed,at a rate of thousand per minute or more.



More about Proximax

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