Proximax, Intelligent Blockchain Platform to create innovative products and solutions

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It is a platform for the creation of Dapps and decentralized technological solutions, which offers a complete Suit of tools for developers, with the support and technology of the NEM Blockchain and Catapult platform.
ProximaX is the most valuable alternative to integrate integrated and distributed ledgers ("IaDLT") with components of centralized networks such as peer-to-peer storage, transmission, and database. Proximax has the security, flexibility, speed, ease of adoption and integration and profitability, this thanks to its blockchain component, but also has a high storage capacity, data distribution and media transmission that are related to The technology of centralized networks. Proximax combines the best of these two technologies to offer it to you, don't you think? ProximaX uses a series of outstanding features to achieve the most attractive and productive innovation for this Internet ecosystem; these are 1) Proof-of-Importance (PoI)perfected by NEM; 2) Proof-of-Storage (PoSt)for measuring allocation of distributed disk space, and; 3) Proof-of-Bandwidth (PoB).

Proximax features

blockchain is specified as a unit in ProximaX, it provides a decentralized immutable ledger for all the activities in other off-chain units. Say for example, if a contract for utilizing storage space or streaming is to be executed, then it is to be executed on Sirius chain. When a transaction is to be carried out it has to be on-chain. So the Sirius chain may be considered as a pole for state management, recording and statistics management of all other off-chain service units.

-Sirius Streaming
-Sirius Database
-Sirius Content Review
-Sirius Storage


ProximaX Sirius is integrated with database, transmission and storage layers distributed outside of the peer-to-peer chain. These overlap with API / SDK in a wide range of programming languages such as TSJS, Java, CSharp, Swift, Dart, CLI, Golang, CPP, PHP, Rust and Python. Making it easy for developers to quickly make their applications.

-Easy to implement: ProximaX SDKs and APIs are available in a wide variety of programming languages, allowing programmers to develop applications faster and more efficiently.

-Speed: The ProximaX platform makes use of P2P technology which provides evident speed and efficiency of data transfer.

-Security: The platform has a distributed architecture that protects it from any attack to your system.

-Cost Savings: The ProximaX platform combines blockchain technology with other technologies to facilitate the work of users, especially developers, since it allows them to save time when creating applications and because of this reduces the cost of creating different applications.

-Flexibility: Developers can create applications that work both inside and outside ProximaX.

-Total Availability: ProximaX uses integrated and distributed accounting technology (IaDLT) so that the time of activity of companies is available at all times.

-Configurability: The ProximaX platform can be configured according to the needs of users and companies that use it, within the platform can be found both a public environment (without permission) and private (with permission), the environment with permission is more oriented to the business needs of companies.

-Transparency: ProximaX is committed to ensuring the complete security of all data stored in it, all data are encrypted and as an addition have a time stamp.

ProximaX's Forte

ProximaX can offer this vast amount of services thanks to the fact that its system is composed of different sub-components which have their own ecosystem, what keeps together and in harmony these different sub-components is the Sirius chain which is the backbone of the platform.

-ProximaX KYC- Now, the data can easily be stored with maximum assured security. with advanced permission-based access to identity records, enabling greater control and ownership over personal data. Not only individual but industry based kyc is also supported which is very reliable and secure. Here's link to know more about it.

-ProximaX Notes- Basically a very secure i.e. encrypted note taking tool with embedded images. which is quite often required in offices, and the important notes can be saved securely is what it aims to.

-ProximaX Forensics- Some researches and evidences are important and needs extra security, in such cases ProximaX Forensics comes to rescue. as investigators and scientists to access digital evidence easily, quickly and also store digital evidence securely.

-ProximaX Identity- The security is such a necessity which is tackled as providing "Identity is a highly secure verification system for personal information that can be used as a unified source of data across public and private sectors."

-ProximaX Suite- Now forget about centralized suits in workspace like Gsuite etc. here's a decentralized suite which will provide maximum security from data theft and will provide a big virtual workspace for offices. Here's the link, in order to grasp more about it.

-ProximaX FileIt- Basically sharing and storing files across multiple nodes on the ProximaX Sirius platform is what it is about. this is innovative client-based file sharing app.









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