How can You stop being average?

3년 전

You need to get the mindset of an above average person

You need to get the mindset of an above average person:

  • They don’t just dream big, they work really hard to achieve their dreams.
  • They are confident and believe in themselves.
  • They invest in themselves, and make themselves better everyday.
  • They are passionate, they do what they love and enjoy doing it.
  • They don’t blame/complain, instead they focus on finding a solution
  • They take risk and do what is right not what is easy
  • They don't quit when they fail, they learn from their mistakes and come back prepared and stronger.

  • PS: oh wait a minute, thanks for the Upvote and comments guys. Just want to inform you I have written a summary of Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki


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