Don't chase the money, chase the craft.

3년 전

I was pissed off.

For the last 2 years, I was an opportunity seeker than I was a strategic entrepreneur.

You know the drill.

You hear of a new opportunity, you give a shot... For about a week.

You find it hard. You stick with it... For a month.

Too hard. So you call it quits.

All the while waiting for the next magic bullet to save you and your financial life.

Big mistake.

After two years of trying to get rich quick, I finally got a moment of clarity.

The secret lies in focusing on one thing and going all in (not dabbling).

Make no mistake, it's cool to explore. But you keep the 80% of your time on the One Thing and the other 20% exploring new things.

My one thing is copywriting.

When you start chasing craft, things start to change.

Instead of setting goals of millionaire by 30, you set the goal of being the best at your skill.

Funny things start to happen.

Cause when you're the best, it gets way easier to get paid loads of money.

When you're that good - people will beat a path to your door.

Think about it - the highest paid people you know are 99% of the time the best at what they do.

They deliver results.

Focus on getting good, not getting money.

Because money doesn't lead, it follows.

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Thanks for the honesty, brother.