How to Find Mentors

3년 전

Read this article from Mark Ford on Early to Rise -->

Here's the skinny:

  1. Find 5 people in your industry who has the life you want.
  2. Make sure they are retired 2-5 years out. (Any longer and they may be out of touch)
  3. Write them a message of sincere admiration, their accomplishments, etc.
  4. Ask to take them out for coffee.
  5. If they live way too far from where you are, ask for a 15-minute phone call.
  6. List your goals for the next 5 years, what you expect from this relationship, etc.
  7. Discuss with your would-be mentor.
  8. FOLLOW HIS/HER ADVICE <-- very important
  9. Respect the mentor-mentee relationship by paying them what you are comfortable with and that he/she thinks is fair for their time. (If this gets too expensive, find another mentor)

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