Simplify, simplify, simplify

3년 전

It's easy to get overwhelmed today.

There is literally a sea of options ready at our fingertips.

More than enough social media platforms to choose from.

More than enough games to pick and choose to play today.

So what gives?

I'm calling for a quest to simplify.

Join me on this journey - as we simplify daily life (without getting caught up with the simplification).

You get what you mean.

You spend the entire day simplifying your life and you spend most of your mornings doing the same.

That, is not a way to live.

Instead, take this approach.

Sit down and think for an hour. Day dream. Figure out what you want to get done in the next one year. And plan accordingly.

Why such a long time horizon? Because mistakes happen - but its important that you move, even if its slow, as long as you don't stop.

Pick 1 Major Goal you want to hit and go for it.

In the mean time, create 3 other sub goals to go after when you don't feel like going after your major goals. (gives you a sense of variety)

Go for it. Now.

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