The most important thing in your email

3년 전

Google far enough and you will find that there are tonnes of articles on email marketing.

How to write a irresistible subject line.

The PAS Formula to craft emails.

Words that trigger spam filters.

But there is one thing most of them miss...

The most important thing in your emails is not the subject line...

It's the sender's name.

Think about it - if you subscribed to as many newsletters as I do, every time when I login into Gmail, I do two things:

  1. Select all, mark as read.

  2. Click on the sender I always watch out for and read what he or she has to say this time.

When it comes to your email list, it isn't the size of your list that counts... It's the relationship you have with your list.

Do they proactively seek out your name in a sea of emails in their inbox?

If your readers do, you won the email game. If not... It's gonna be an uphill battle.

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