What I Learned from Jason Capital

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If you are in the internet marketing niche - you would have heard of Jason Capital by now. His original internet name was Alex Maroko and he sold basketball products. Today, he is most known as the go-to dating, high status, and high-income coach.

I used to think he was just another dating coach until I watched the above video and realized how experienced and knowledgeable he was about internet marketing. Watch it. You will learn alot.

The Importance of Developing Your High Income Skills

For most of his early clients in the dating niche, after they figured out how to succeed with women. The next thing they wanted to learn was how to make a high income.

Similar to Dan Lok's idea of the Wealth Triangle, Jason launched two products - High Income Coaching and Email Income Experts.

I wasn't able to find a definitive list of skills he deems high-income but here's what he has said is:

  • speaking
  • copywriting
  • networking
  • marketing
  • productivity
  • authorship
  • sales
  • persuasion

    The 7 Things Jason Capital Does Everyday

  1. Kaizen (1% better each day) and work on a monetized skill to increase your talent stack (work on one high income skill at a time for best results)

  2. Body work- a healthy body is a healthy mind

  3. Bark- release your primal self, in most cases is through a roar or bark

  1. Treat yourself- you'll become a boring type A personality if you're all work and no play. But you must earn it, run the extra mile, do the 5 extra pullups, close one more deal.

  2. Conversation with a good friend for 20 minutes- being 100% focused on your goals will eventually get to you and you'll feel burnt out. So you must let yourself relax and have fun, ties in with #4. If we were to only work, that will make us no different from robots.


  1. Environmental Exposure- meet with your mastermind (mentors or high value friends) group, individuals who are killing it in whatever field you wish to master in. At LEAST once a month. All millionaires know one another, so in order to be at the top. You must roll with the eagles.

  2. Full Immersion Experience at least 3 times a year- Go to high value seminars that'll make you completely interested in helping you be a better person. (I.E. High Value Summits) Make sure it spans over days, you won't get much out of an hour seminar compared to a 3 day bootcamp of any skill.


Side Notes

Getting good at your high income skill is by repping everyday the same way you have to go to the gym to build muscle.

Work 2-3 hours a day → 6 figures a year, very possible. How? Learn his Email Income Expert course and close 3 clients at $3k a month each. BOOM. 6 figures.

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