Your Perfect Average Day

3년 전

The other day I was listening to marketer Jason Capital talk about crafting your ideal day.

It struck me when he added the word "average" to it.

Instantly... It made sense.

Because "Perfect Days" suggests lavish days like travelling and first class luxuries.

The Perfect Average Day is a totally different ball game.

It implies something realistic, something you can sustain day to day.

It's the difference between eating a restaurant according to TripAdvisor VS. asking the employees of that area where do they do for lunch everyday.

Make sense?

They won't settle for crappy food, but they will choose one that's affordable AND enjoyable at the same time.

Now, the question is - what's your perfect average day?

What does it include? Reading? Writing? Watching a movie?

You can go super detailed - hour by hour, or we can go the simpler way.

Just list 3 Maximum Happiness and Productive activities that you would like to do each day.

That's your recipe for your Perfect Average Day.

Thanks for reading :)

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This "perfect average" described above sounds to me like contentment: activities that make one content. I think the familiar phrase "good enough" works better. But it made me think -- thank you for that.