The lies we tell ourselves overview #1

3년 전

I've been writing a series on steem called "The Lies We Tell Ourselves" for about a year now.

Psychology has always fascinated me, especially when it's related to aspects of our nature that disturb our perception of reality or cause us to act in illogical ways.

There are now 13 articles in the series and I thought it apt to write an overview post in case some new readers missed the old content:

It's been hard to contribute to steem lately. I hope to cover this in another post soon. This will also shed some light on why I've powered down almost all my steem power. All I can say for now is, every upvote means a lot to me.

Banner image by Hannes Flo used under the CC-BY-2.0 license. Changes were made to the original.

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Thank you for sharing!

I have upvoted you.......... Check me back @lexico12

Nice series doh