The lies we tell ourselves - the Google effect

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You're working on a piece of software but keep getting the same error, so you type the error message into Google.

The first hit is from, which you click, and to your joy discover that it solves your problem.

Two hours of hard coding later, the same error appears; however, you can't remember what the solution was anymore, so you type the error message into Google again.

Congratulations! You've fallen victim to the Google effect.


Story 1

The phenomenon extends beyond general knowledge such as the capital cities of various countries, which is why the Google Effect is more generally referred to as digital amnesia.

In 2015 Kaspersky Lab surveyed 1000 consumers ranged from 16 to 55+ in the United States and found that:

The results reveal that the 'Google Effect' likely extends beyond online facts to include important personal information.

They found that in most cases, people could not remember important information such as telephone numbers that should have been familiar. This led to the conclusion that the information was forgotten because of the ease of finding it using devices.

What can we do about it?

As we become ever more interconnected with our devices and the Internet at large, we shift our focus from knowing information to knowing how to find information. And this isn't intrinsically bad. In some ways it's similar to asking a friend or colleague for the information.

However, breaking our reliance on machines can help develop our memory, making it easier for us to use the information in our every day lives.

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I completely agree with your view. I am always trying to remember things as of late (learning a new foreign language and having a lot of trouble) which is likely down to this..


The only problem worse than this is:

Or you know..

When someone makes a thread then replies to it with 'fixed' but never provides the solution :(

My job is with search engines and so I have a special dependance of them of sorts.


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i can't agree about it could be said that i am middle level programmer, know python javascript html css and using rapidly to solve my problems. i am always telling myself don't overload brain with the information you don't need to memorize. because i don't need to remember all the documentation for each language because they are easily accessible and this would be waste of time, memory and brain power. so i think google effect won't exist for the information you really need and there is vital importance of remembering and memorizing. if anyone approves my opinion feel free to up vote my comment. <3

:) this is exactly what I m doing when I m codeing ... I don t forget it within a day but a week later that happens to me :)


The most embarrassing for me was finding an answer on StackOverflow that I had written!

It is sad but so true. I dont know if the solution is so easy though. Even taking a conscious decision approach to remembering things. Our everyday lives fight against us and I think it will only get worse in the future. Hell I sometimes forget my mothers phone number because its stored as "Mom" lol.

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To some extent is it good, but when we lose more time searching again and again the same information, it's bad. Our brains are shaped and wired by search engines to make us too lazy to learn.

Upvoted and also resteemed!