It's all about expectations

5년 전

In the morning I am reading different things and meanwhile expectations are showing up colourfully around. The articles are full of advice about how to drop a hint, give to understand, etc. what you want from another person. However, it's a way to disappointments. I believe, that expectations from another person should be spoken openly aloud. In such a behavior there is a risk to get the answer "No" but there is also a risk to get the desired things as well.

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I often face to such situations when my behavior and words are interpreted completely in a different way. Some people either guess my motives instead of asking me what I meant exactly or put some hidden meaning into a clear request.

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Well, I agree that it's not easy to speak openly, without any disguise. Sometimes it's not easy to understand what you want by yourself and you want other person to guess. However, the thing is that another person is not a telepath. They have their own system of values, meanings and this person will all their guesses reward with their expectations, not yours.

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These days in personal relationships I learn how to make clearer, open dialogues, and I almost succeed )))

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I wish everyone live in touch with their needs and voice their expectations. If you didn't voice them, they will stay just expectations that will overgrow into unjustified ones and then into the offense on the person from whom you are waiting for!

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Good sentiments and I love your use of photos - very well done.


Many thanks )