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I don't know if I will be the only one to experience those moments where my brain seems to betray me and ally with my subconscious to make me feel that I have forgotten something and even someone, yes, many times I have found myself in the painful situation of not remembering to have done or experienced something, a sensation so confused that makes me question enormously if my mind is right or if it is a simple strange act that makes me think that something never really happened. So researching a little I discovered that besides being more common than you might think, it is a totally explainable and recurrent phenomenon.

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With today's post, I would like to talk about why this happens and what is usually attributed to this anomaly, because yes, it is an anomaly and not that you are simply clueless, although perhaps that also affects.

In general terms, it is more than knowing that our brain, besides being the organ that controls our body, is the most complicated organ to understand. It is not surprising that even today there are many experiments and studies aimed at expanding our knowledge of him. As the human brain has been saying it is extremely complex and often acts in incomprehensible ways that are able to play with our memory and alter our memories in phenomena such as Deja vu, but today we will not talk about deja vu or not too much, today we will emphasize in his little known brother who is responsible for all the times when we have the feeling that we have forgotten some things, I'm talking about the Jamais Vu.

Jamais Vu

The term Jamais vu comes from the French language and literally means "never seen".

When we talk about Jamais vu, basically we are referring to as I said at the beginning of this post, to the feeling that we have in various circumstances where we seem to have forgotten something, or explaining it in another way when we are not able to remember something that We have already lived or experienced. A clear example of this could be when we go to a place to eat or drink something and we do not remember having gone before, almost making it possible for us to experience it for the first time.

It should be noted that as you may have realized this anomaly is totally opposite to deja vu because in the deja vu we have the feeling that we had lived something before, whereas the opposite is the case here. In mathematical terms, both are inversely proportional.

An interesting fact about this anomaly that plays with our mind, is that it is responsible for that uncomfortable moment where we do not recognize someone but nevertheless his face becomes a little known. In short, this phenomenon does not always make us forget or totally alter certain moments stored in our memory, but in various cases, it only retouches them so that we have some gaps in our memory.

Another case where this anomaly affects us is when we usually forget some words no matter how much we tend to use them, or tell me if it has not happened that you are talking to someone or just writing something and at a certain point you get stuck because you feel that the correct word does not reach your mind, but you unconsciously know what it is and must do what you can to remember it.

Alteration of our reality

Like the deja vu, the Jamais Vu greatly alters our perception of reality, as it makes it unstable, filling it with gaps and missing pieces. Basically, when we experience any kind of sensation that makes us perceive things in such a way that we believe them to be unknown or different, we will surely be in the presence of a Jamais vu. In fact, this anomaly is highly linked to a distortion called derealization where our senses are altered in such a way that we will be unable to distinguish if certain memories or sensations are known or unknown.

It is true that the conditions generated by a Jamais vu are not usually very serious, however what in my point of view makes it extremely harmful is that little by little it causes a severe fatigue on our minds and forgive me if I make a mistake but submit our mind to that type of fatigue where we do not know why we can not remember something correctly or better to have the feeling that we should remember something we know in our subconscious, cannot be good or bring something positive.

It should be noted that the feeling of not remembering not only extends to a simple memory, it is rooted in all our senses. As I said before, a classic example of Jamais vu is not remembering who a person is but having the sensation of remembering his face. That is to say that this anomaly is as if we had a clown fiddling with our senses and with our perception of everything, whether it is a taste that seems familiar but we do not know where or from some image we feel we should recognize.

But then, how does a Jamais Vu originate?

It is extremely difficult to find a specific cause that causes this type of anomalies in our mind because if that were the case we would have already found out. However, if we take into account the neurology, this type of anomalies or disorders usually originate as a result of multiple alterations in the receivers in charge of controlling our memory, in addition to the information that we assimilate. And as I highlighted in one of my previous posts, our memory works as a coordinated group where if any member of that group presents some kind of failure, the whole group will be affected.

It should be noted that although this type of condition is not specifically rooted in any specific type of pathologist, its possible appearance can be accelerated by various types of diseases such as, for example, it is common to observe that patients with recurrent attacks of epilepsy come to present a severe degeneration in their neurons which will undoubtedly affect the way they process information.

And of course, like hundreds of other problems and disorders related to our brain as a result of the consumption of substances that are slowly wearing down our brain, the Jamais vu could not be the exception. The effect caused by hallucinogens, in the long run, will produce an alteration in our way of perceiving reality and consequently could also lead to disorders such as Jamais vu. However, another of the possible causes that have been identified and related to this anomaly has been the lack of sleep and stress; In addition to some personality disorders where the person simply does not remember something because the constant personality changes prevent it.

Deja vu

As I said at the beginning of the post, the little-known Jamais vu, or at least not as much as his brother Deja vu, is perhaps a disorder that we experience with something more frequently or who have not had that feeling where you think you remember something that It has never really happened.

The effect of Deja Vu also comes from the French language and represents the " already seen".

For many scientists and conspirators, the feeling of Deja Vu could actually be originated because, in reality, we have lived something although it seems that no. All as a result of theories such as reincarnation, the multiverses or the eternal return once raised by Nietzsche. But until now the reality is that it is nothing more than a disorder associated with the creation of false memories, and that, like the Jamais Vu it an alteration of our perception of reality.

Summing it up a bit:

Deja Vu refers to "already seen" and Jamais vu to "never seen".

The Deja Vu creates in a certain way the feeling of remembering something that never happened, while the Jamais Vu does exactly the opposite by modifying our memories to the point of makes us forget sensations, moments and people.

Their other brothers.

Besides the Deja Vu and the Jamais Vu, there are other members of the family of anomalies of the mind.

Presque vu

This is another anomaly that plays with our mind as soon as it gets in touch with it, and basically refers to when we are about to decipher something. More concretely it is about when we are about to remember something but that we are not able to do it to totality.

Its literal translation is "almost seen"

It is very similar to when we say that we have something on the tip of the tongue, that is, we know consciously that we know or remember something but that we still can not do it, we are unable to remember something completely.

Deja Senti

This phenomenon translates into "already felt ".

Basically, it happens when we have the feeling of having experienced something familiar or similar but that nevertheless, our brain is not able to combine the ideas to decipher that reminds us of that sensation. This anomaly shares a lot with the Jamais Vu since it also greatly touches people's senses causing them to be altered in a very remarkable way.

And you, have ever experienced any of these anomalies?


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This dejavu thing, I had 2x in my life, and it was scary feeling. I was asking myself, when the hell was that same appearance in my life... As you say, this is a game with our minds for sure.

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