Exploring the Human Mind: Revenge

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The human mind is so complex and full of so many cognitive processes that many times thoughts and emotions are developed almost spontaneously and that makes us modify our character to the point of intervening severely with the way in which we regularly act. However, sometimes these thoughts are so linked to feelings that besides changing the way we act, they also make us change the way we process things; I am referring to those moments of anger where our mind begins to engineer and develop all kinds of erroneous reasoning altered by a very marked factor.

A clearer example of this is when we develop a kind of thirst for revenge for someone else when we want to reverse the damage we have received so that someone else also feels how we feel. Well, with my post today I would like to explore precisely that, revenge.

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Revenge is the natural way we have many times to react to an event that disturbs us and that could have harmed us or someone close to us. And again I put in perspective my own experiences but that feeling of knowing that a "debt" is settled has to be one of the best climaxes that someone can ever experience ... It sounds grim but unfortunately, that's the way it is.

However, although the feeling that gives you the power to get revenge on someone is very satisfactory at the time, it is undoubtedly a determining factor so that our behavior can be altered. What I mean is that when we totally adopt the logic of being the ones in charge of imparting "justice" we are only denying ourselves the reality of true justice by adopting an extremely destructive and often irrational stance.


As I mentioned a few paragraphs ago, revenge constituted the act of wanting to make someone pay for something bad that they have done and basically it is about doing in any way that someone is punished for actions that we consider wrong. I say because many times we feel revenge not only against someone who has indeed done something wrong but also this feeling can be extended to very small things that we simply don't like, in many cases to relate to feelings of envy or disagreement.

In short, revenge is the way we want to seek redemption for something that someone else has done, but that even though what we initially pursue is motivated by the feeling of wanting to do justice for us or someone else, little by little transforming into a way of wanting to feel better for something that someone else did. And is that at the end of how many say what is said and for more thoughts or sophisticated reasons, when we adopt a vengeful stance the only thing we pursue is the feeling of wanting to inflict damage to that person that we believe has been wrong.

It should be noted that even though we have all adopted a vengeful attitude once, the serious problem lies in getting used to it, that is, getting used to doing justice and seeking redemption for any type of thing that we consider wrong; since with this we would be basically becoming judge, jury, and executor. In addition, the constant adoption of this type of thoughts is a clear symptom of the manifestation of sadist behaviors where the point of justice is exceeded and everything is assimilated as part of an enjoyment.

When justice is exceeded

Initially, all revengeful feelings begin as a search for more to do the right thing and to see that each person pays for the bad that has done. But as most emotions will evolve depending on many personal factors to the point where justice matters little. And even when we have the feeling of justice so deeply rooted in us, there will always be a point where it does not matter or rather, it will not have enough weight.

As I have been saying, at some point no matter how much we want to avoid it, when we seek revenge we will not do it expressly for wanting to seek justice, we will do it more for wanting to "match" the score, that is to say that someone has hurt the same misfortune that we feel. Undoubtedly, revenge is one of those types of negative thoughts associated with hatred, resentment and often the envy that we can only satisfy when we have damaged someone else in the same or greater way.

And like all negative feelings once we adopt them, no doubt some, bad decisions will be coming as a result of our judgment or decision making being compromised by something much stronger than our reasoning.

It's a negative thought, but why?

Revenge is just a way of wanting to restore emotional balance, that is, inflict as much damage as we have received. Should I explain why it is a negative thought?

When we persecute tirelessly something without having regard to our actions, without a doubt that will have a negative effect, in fact, we go through moments of aggression and anger almost uncontrollable that make us take all kinds of bad decisions and that also leads us to another series of very questionable.

We lose the notion of how far we should go

Each person has perhaps a subconscious limit of how far it could go when it comes to inflicting damage. However, when we immerse ourselves in a search for revenge, there will be no limit and we will be more than willing to go as far as possible to restore or put on our side the emotional balance that has been broken.

Caught in a vicious circle

The obsessions are never beneficial and on the contrary, they bring many negative effects in our lives, and this wasn't going to be the case where that would change. When we choose to do "justice" we will be caught in a circle from which it will be difficult to leave and where we will also lose track of time and miss all kinds of opportunities. And is that embarking on a constant journey in search of revenge our lives will be greatly missed because our only goal, our only satisfaction will be fulfilled our "justice"?

Action and reaction

As I said initially everything can start with a simple "I want and justice must be done" but little by little everything can evolve in a way that justice is not enough and where the only correct thing we see is an action similar to the one we have received for more violent and inhumane that is. And as dictates the universe and as I'm sure it usually happens beyond why we started a journey in search of revenge when we eventually get it, and then we feel the catharsis of having achieved it the only thing left to see is all the bad that we have gained in addition to that we must surely be prepared to receive a similar action, because well we are humans, and hardly a debt remains without being paid.

Final words

Faced with this kind of thoughts there is little that can be done and the most convenient is even hard to assimilate, try to turn the page and let the universe do its magic, because as I said before, there will hardly be a debt that remains without paying, but nevertheless we are not responsible for collecting these debts. These types of topics are extremely difficult to address because they will always have a personal factor that hardly anyone else will be able to fully understand, that is why my only recommendation is that when these types of feelings are addressed try to put everything in a future perspective and that way you will have a better outlook to make a better decision.


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