Exploring the Human Mind: Why do we feel like we have insects under our skin?


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The human mind has the potential to create all kinds of logical and creative ideas that will lead a person to achieve greatness in any possible aspect, but... our mind is also capable of sabotaging us through a number of incoherent disorders that will make us develop an infinite amount of fears and psychological disorders that will interfere with even the simplest rationing that we try to do. Yes, basically our mind can quickly go from being our greatest ally to becoming our greatest enemy.

Today I want to talk about a very peculiar and extremely dangerous disorder, due to the number of alterations that create in our brain, a type of delusion associated with hallucinations and which is linked with extreme fear that it destabilizes us in all possible points of our behavior; Ekbom Syndrome

This syndrome is a psychological disorder that alters the perception of people to the point of making their senses are totally compromised and that they are unable to distinguish reality from fiction.

The Syndrome

…also known as delusional infestation or Delusional parasitosis is a delusional disorder in which individuals incorrectly believe they are infested with parasites, insects, or bugs, whereas in reality, no such infestation is present. Individuals with delusional parasitosis usually report tactile hallucinations known as formication, a sensation resembling insects crawling on or under the skin.

As indicated by Wikipedia and many other specialized pages, Ekbom syndrome is a psychological disorder that severely affects the way in which people who suffer from it perceive what is around them and in fact, this distortion makes them a victim of an extreme fear that is based on the firm belief that their bodies are being infested by insects and other parasites. Basically, this disorder what it does is to bring a fear of some form already pre-established to a level where individuals simply cannot exercise any kind of control over the logic of the reality they live.

It should be noted that this hallucination reaches such extreme and dangerous levels that make us distrust at all in what our senses tell us. Basically, those who have this disorder base all their "rational" logic on the result that they are being attacked by an endless number of parasites and insects, to the point that they are capable of feeling the incessant need to scratch themselves to such an extent that they do so until they bleed.

The intensity with which this type of hallucination plays with people's minds is such that it causes changes in people's behavior patterns to develop, to the point that they lose a total sense of logic when acting and let all their decisions see determined as a consequence of the lack of control caused by this disorder.

From a clinical point of view this disorder is associated with a hallucination as a consequence of a disorder associated with the delirium of the mind to conceive reality correctly because for people suffering from this disorder there is no evidence that brings them back to the reality that they are not being attacked by insects or parasites, however from a more psychological perspective this disorder is basically a psychosis associated with unconscious or conscious fear that people develop to different types of problems.

A very interesting fact is that this disorder has been highly diagnosed in women when they enter the stage of life where menopause begins to make its appearance. It has come to be determined that this is usually a consequence of the immense waves of stress and depression as well as other conditions experienced by women when they enter an age where their sensitivity is highly compromised so that interpretations of this type arise that are associated with delusions.

Insects inside my skin

Ekbom syndrome, it is basically a hallucination that makes the one who suffered believe that he/she is being attacked by insects or parasites, and that is the main symptom or condition that this disorder generates; It makes people feel that under their skin are hundreds and thousands of insects trying to kill them and even moving throughout their body causing thousands of pecking that make people simply lose control.

To imagine it better, people who have developed this disorder experience something similar to what thousands of ants would be walking along our body, with the main difference being that it would not only be outside their body but also inside and that not only would be ants but also some other type of insect.

Experiencing something like that would be extremely disturbing and rightly would cause anyone to lose total control of what really happens to their body, in fact, this feeling is generated so extremely that people can even feel the movement and hear the sounds generated by the bugs that are under their skin, and that is why this disorder is so dangerous because the hallucinations that are generated go beyond seeing the insects; It also generates scenarios where people can see, feel and hear them.

Delusional parasitosis is divided into primary, secondary functional, and secondary organic groups. Source

Basically, this disorder has 3 types of "versions" that develop almost independently of each other, and that is when the hallucination arises spontaneously without some background that could generate it is primary, but when this disorder can be associated with a fear or a problem inferred is a secondary functional disorder. And finally, secondary organic when it originates and develops as a result of not only a previous disorder but also by the effect of regular consumption of drugs and other hallucinogens that have gradually damaged the brain's perception system.


As you guys have been able to realize this little known but extremely dangerous disorder is very interesting due to the specific type of hallucinations that its generated and that so negatively modifies the mind of the people, putting in check all their senses as well as the way in which they interpret the reality, in addition to the fact that blocks the sense that they have to realize no matter the tests or exams that are not being infected by insects or parasites of any kind.

This disorder, even when it is highly related to fear, is not very associated with phobias because people do not develop it primarily as a result of fear, but from this disorder has generated the fear that insects and parasites do all kinds of things in your body.

A fact that is important to note is that as noted, there are 3 different versions of how people develop this type of disorder, but without a doubt the most common is to see that those who usually ingest all types of drugs and hallucinogens are more likely to be victims of delusions and problems of this type, and that even when this disorder is treatable the ravages it causes in the brain of people are extremely dangerous and in some cases may be permanent.

I say permanent because as all kinds of alteration that is associated with hallucinations, these can be tattooed in the subconscious of people despite the drugs and treatments they use, so that they can eventually reappear or even have some sequels that disturb the mind of the person at all times; something like that little pebble that gets into your shoe and is always bothering you.


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