New Outrage That Aims to Create Next Level Underachievers - Freedom of Speech Nightmare Scenario

2년 전

"Nobody cares if you're butthurt."


Snowflakes melt under the slightest threat of heat or disruption, this we know. But an actual professional, a psychiatrist named Grant Hilary Brenner claims it's 'harmful' to describe ourselves and others with words such as 'selfish, stupid, spoiled, or lazy'. Brenner--a male, though he selfishly flaunts both male and female names, has a juicy term for using these types of denigrating words and calls it 'liguistic violence'. Ooooh!

In The Business Insider, Hilary Brenner shockingly offers the suggestion that instead of accepting laziness or stupidity as a reason for failure, to simply give yourself 'smaller goals'! In his world, aiming low is the remedy to doing hard work that leads to success and a sense of accomplishment. But guess what? Lazy people don't even need to hear that they're lazy, they already know it. The purpose of calling attention to it is for the satisfaction of the speaker, period. It's unnecessary, but it's like getting the last word in a conversation and walking away. It's like telling someone they're funny, if they're funny, they know it, but it's nice to let them know anyway.

This sick development, if you can call it that, makes you wonder why the sudden need for safe spaces wasn't enough for those who've fallen for the fear tactics of control. This next level self-censorship and kindergarten psychology to shelter kids well into adulthood doesn't protect them from anything, but it does prepare them for major emotional breakdowns and an inability to function in the real world.

This is a parenting issue disguised as a social issue that will only serve as another way to chip away at our First Amendment rights. To be certain, this psychiatric opinion is one only the stupid, lazy and bored would applaud.

The choice is yours @tacostate

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