#PUBG is already #Banned in #Punjab and #Hariyana. Now the central government of #India is planning to ban it and most of #Video_Games


#PUBG is already #Banned in #Punjab and #Hariyana. Now the central government of #India is planning to ban it and most of #Video_Games because they are "too violent" and "derogatory" for them!! Most of these people in authorities and courts who are making these autocratic and oppressive decisions have NO IDEA what video games are and what they are for... They are comparing video games with drugs and narcotics!! All they have are primitive thinking and prejudice about video games, that it makes younger mind violent. They didn't even talk to any psychologist and psychological researchers before making these dictatorial offensive awful decisions. They want the society to roll back to dark ages of "blind faith" to religions and brainwashing. They don't want Freedom and Liberty to prosper. PUBG is just the beginning , then they'll come after other games they label as "violent" or against their "faith".
They said It's even worser than Blue Whale game. Blue Whale Wasn't even a Video Game. It was a ARG/ RLG.
I sorely condemn the actions taken by any authorities or illegal offensive laws on this matter.
I don't like battle royale games myself , but i also stand for creative liberty of video games authors and developers.
Let me ask just "One" question: How many rioters and murders of some specific clans played video games who took part in "2002 Gujarat Communal Riots" ?
Oh, Let me ask another question: How many warmongers played "video games" who started World War 1 and 2 ?🤔

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