PUBG addiction?

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Probably today everyone in the world may know about PUBG (especially Indians) . From a 10 year old kid to a 70 year old man almost everyone either plays or atleast talks about it . The addiction has gone too far that certain schools in Bangalore have warned the parents of PUBG addiction . In Bangalore there are almost 60 people per month who go to psychiatrist just because of PUBG addcition .


Problems due to PUBG addiction:
-->You won't be able to have a sound sleep during the night because of the blue light from your mobile that affects your eyes . In other words it can be said as Insomnia .
-->Your sleep cycle gets affected because of which your health gets affected.
-->You waste your time playing instead of using the time productively .

Why do people get addicted to PUBG?
-->PUBG has an option to play with friends because of which people start inviting their friends also to join and once they are good at the game they get addicted to the game and try to show off .
-->The next reason is the levels . On achieving each level , your body releases some dopamine due to which you get satisfaction and you ultimately get addicted .

How to overcome PUBG addiction
-->PUBG is a survival game and not a shooting game so try to shoot as less as possible because whenever you shoot someone dopamine gets released.


-->Try not to play PUBG atleast 2 hours before sleeping .
-->Start reading books . I know books are probably boring for certain people but trust me once you start reading them you'll never stop it.
-->Try to keep a treat for yourself for not playing for a full day .
-->Try to unfollow all PUBG related pages on twitter , instagram , facebook ,etc.
-->Come out of PUBG related whatsapp group.
-->Put a schedule for yourself when you will be playing PUBG .

Hope it is helpful!!

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