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I've been using Steemit for nearly two years now, but I can't help but notice that Publish0x is doing many things better than Steemit. In fact, Publish0x often does things much better, despite Publish0x being a much younger site.

I've only been using Publish0x for the last five months, but I have already made more money over there. I also find that the follows are more "real" - they actually interact with my posts instead of my 300 Steemit followers who I basically never hear from (except for like three...). I somehow have only 35 Publish0x followers and yet I have at least as many people who regularly interact. This might just be because Steemit has lost so much membership, and therefore so much of the community, since the price crashed.

Speaking of prices crashing, Publish0x uses pretty common currencies like Basic Attention Token and DAI, which is successfully tied to the dollar. Unlike SBD, DAI always seems to successfully be worth exactly $1 +/- one cent. These currencies can all be exported to common wallets like Coinbase with the simple click of a button as soon as one has at least 50 cents worth on the site. Given that my average article makes between 15 and 50 cents, this is very easy to do weekly. You can keep earning on articles forever, not just for the first seven days.

On top of that, you get paid for upvoting on Publish0x, and generally much more than what you get on Steemit. I've given upvotes that I have made more than 5 cents on. That would probably take several thousand Steem and a 100% upvote to get on Steemit. You get that to start with every day on Publish0x.

As a frequent writer, and a fairly disorganized one at that, I really appreciate the ability to save multiple drafts on Publish0x, which I honestly feel is an incredibly basic feature that any blogging site should have. Medium, Wordpress, and pretty much every other blogging platform have this feature.

It is far more intuitive than Steemit. This is partially because the site works like a normally blogging platform, aside from the anonymity and crypto payouts. Since those cryptos are easier to understand and pretty common, the site is much more intuitive for the average person to join. There is no trying to figure out Steem vs. Steem Power vs. SBD vs. the weird safe system on Steemit. There is just a site and your articles and upvotes make you money in one of several cryptocurrencies you export weekly. Joining the site took minutes for me, not days-weeks like Steemit. The site uses a normal password instead of a long key.

It also helps that there are no whales, so there is no confusion over what an upvote is worth or why some are huge while others do not matter at all. When you join you wont be giving upvotes that are totally worthless.

I've found that the community on Publish0x is much more enjoyable and productive. There are no drama-filled battles between whales, or really anybody else. I have not seen any beef on Publish0x, and you certainly don't get people making hundreds of dollars off of posting a few sentences calling someone else names. We actually get to talk about things and ideas. The site is primarily crypto based, but there are writers focused on other topics as well.

Finally, anything you posted on Steemit can be cross-posted there so you can make more money off of it. I'd highly recommend that people check out the site. If you are interested, please use this referral link so I can get a small bonus (it costs you nothing):

Check out one of my latest articles (not yet posted on Steemit) here:

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I need to cross post more often.

And yes, I have often voted on your stuff. I think I may have reached the max tip for your articles.


Yeah, I've noticed! And thank you for that. When I said there's like a handful of my 300+ followers who seem to interact regularly you were one of the one who came to mind.

It's actually kinda funny, there are a few things I posted on Publish0x that I actually forgot to crosspost here...


Interesante, ya voy a mirar de que trata todo. Se lee accesible.


I hope you like it.


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