Read.Cash vs. Publish0x: Advantages and Disadvantages

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Publish0x and Read.Cash are both blogging sites that allow users to earn crypto for their writing. However, which one is better? As a user of both sites, here is what I have found so far.


The argument for Read.Cash


With Marc De Mesel's recent contributions to the site, the payouts are pretty amazing right now. I've been on the site for less than two weeks, and yet I already can make 30-60 cents a day. On my best day, if payouts were as high as they are now, I would have made a $1.50. That is more than I was making on Publish0x and many times more than I was making on Steemit when my account was that young. If funding continues to increase moving forward the payouts could become truly impressive. Although it isn't making me rich, it's not bad for a very new user to the site who only invested a few dollars in boosting articles.

Boosting articles

On that note, there is a wide variety of options for boosting articles on, simply by using the funds you have in your wallet. Those funds can either be earned on site, or deposited from another wallet. You have a ton of options based on the percentage of feeds you want your article to be at the top of and how long you want the boost to go. You can boost for as little as a few cents, or nearly $80, depending on what you want. It even gives you an estimate for how many clicks you'll get, and what the approximate per click cost is.


Bitcoin Cash news and discussion

If you want to discuss Bitcoin Cash, this is the site to do it. It is the topic of more articles than anything else (although other things are often discussed).

The Fund

Most users of Read.Cash are not paid primarily with tips on their articles. Every day there is a fund that is divided among users based on how many "points" they earned. The exact way the points are awarded is not public knowledge, aside from that it is related to performing normal activities on the stite, but it seems to be fair and not very difficult to earn points. Users may tip articles, but for the most part I have been getting paid from the fund.

Diversity of users

I've seen way more women and international users on Read.Cash than anywhere else. This leads to different topics being discussed and a more diverse sense of community and opinion.

Publish When you Want

To be clear, you can publish on either site whenever you want; however, on Publish0x it normally makes sense to wait until the evening. That is because Publish0x provides a certain amount of crypto for tips every day to users for free. However, every upvote is worth less after the last one every day. This replenishes at 8pm EST (midnight GMT). Therefore, to get the largest tips, it makes sense to upload in the evening. For that reason this article will not go live on Publish0x until about 8-9 tonight, but I'm publishing it on Read.Cash at about 5:15. It's annoying to have to wait.

The argument for Publish0x:

Tips provided by site

This is the big one. It's awesome to have a certain amount I can tip every day that Publish0x itself pays for. There is no better way to encourage tipping. It feels great to tip a few cents for free, and it helps me get more tips for my writing.

How Well Established the Site is

Although still a somewhat new site compared to say, Steemit, Publish0x is definitely more established. This leads to a larger userbase, more established users with a lot of followers (and thus more people to tip them), and more certainty that we can trust the site. Trust doesn't just mean it's not a scam. I'm convinced Read.Cash is not a scam. Trust also means that you know the site will work properly. I haven't encountered issues on Read.Cash yet, but they advise users not to have more than $10 in their wallet at any time in case some sort of glitch happens that causes problems. Read.Cash is responsible about this, but it is still nice to know that a site has been around for a while.


The userbase on Publish0x is way higher at this time. On here my articles regularly reach hundreds of views, with many over 500. I even have one of 1,000. However, on Read.Cash, I'm probably averaging around 30 views. Read.Cash is growing quickly now, but it has a long way to go. If you want to get a message out Publish0x is a much better choice.

A real (if underused) comment section

Although there are not many comments on the average article on Publish0x, those comments pretty much always seem to be genuine. There are some good discussions that happen. Read.Cash has a ton of spam comments that mean nothing. Here is an example from one of my own articles:


Uncertainty for the future of Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is currently facing a major battle between two camps of thought as we approach the next update in November - Bitcoin ABC (BTCABC) vs. Bitcoin Cash Node (BCHN). This may lead to a hard fork, in turn negatively impacting the value of BCH.

Read.Cash Essentially Relies on One guy for Funding

Marc De Mesel is a good guy, and I appreciate all of the cool projects he backs. He has done a ton for BCH, and as a fan of BCH I really respect him. However, he currently provides the vast majority (95%+) of the funding for Read.Cash tips. If he ever changes his mind about the project and pulls that money out (which he can do), the site is basically screwed.

Purely Opinion:

This section is for notable differences, but I think which one is better depends entirely on personal opinion.

*Publish0x has multiple currencies, while Read.Cash has only one. *

For some people, especially those of us who like Bitcoin Cash, just getting paid in Bitcoin Cash is fine. However, other people like to have more diverse portfolios. Diversity in a portfolio allows you to potentially use coins for different purposes (ie. donating BAT on Brave browser), but some people do not want to do that. A lack of diversity in a portfolio increases both potential risk and potential gain when the market shifts. It's up to you how you feel about cryptos as an investment and how you weigh risk vs. reward if you do invest.

Bitcoin Cash vs. Ethereum, BAT, etc.

Following from the above point, some users are going to have their preferred currency. Ethereum has a higher market cap than BCH, but BCH has faster transaction times and lower fees. Obviously people have different opinions about which currencies are likely to do better in the future, and have different reasons for owning crypto. I can't objectively tell you whether BCH is better than BAT or Ethereum.

Changing currencies on Publish0x

Publish0x has used a number of currencies in my time here, including Hydro, Bounty0x, DAI, all of which are no longer supported by the site. Now it uses BAT, Ethereum, and Loopring. A lot of people were upset about DAI being dropped from tipping, but again, it's all personal preference I almost put this in negatives because there is always a little uncertainty about what currencies may be supported in the future, but so far I think most of the changes to supported currencies have been positive. I can't tell you how to feel about this.

Of course, it is always possible to post content on both sites! It's possible to earn a fair bit of money this way.

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