Steemhouse -- the Virginia Tour


If we could put the new energy here at Steemhouse Publishing into bottles and sell it, we’d be millionaires in a day. Everyone would want what we have. So many things are happening that it’s hard to keep up!

One very important development is our recent opportunity to have both partners in Steemhouse Publishing together on the same continent, at the same time, in the same location with the same goals in mind. @michelios and @rhondak had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit Burkland Farms last week and meet face to face with a potential endorser of High Kill whose name is immediately recognizable. This person now has a copy of the novel and so far, seems inclined to let us brand it with his official blurb. He is the first in a series of well-known authors and public figures that we’re in a good position to approach. Celebrity endorsement is a major selling point for novels and we are thrilled by these opportunities to secure it.

It’s premature to discuss the identities of the people we’ll be meeting with, so for now we’ll share other adventures we had at Burkland Farms. This is a beautiful 70-acre cattle farm in Eastern Virginia with a caboose guesthouse and breathtaking views.

Michel had no problem making friends with the chickens.

While on that side of the state, Steemhouse paid a visit to @sircork. We shared pizza and beer and brownies and popcorn and had a really good time visiting. Cork is a member of the Steemhouse Community and has been since its founding days.

We did some recon at the Charlottesville Barnes & Noble, looking for all the different ways that blurbs can appear on book covers. While doing this, we got a pleasant surprise--a familiar name on the back flap of a random novel Rhonda picked up off the shelf! It was a surreal experience to ping Jenna Blum on Messenger and let her know how excited we were to see her name on the back cover of "The Tattoist of Auschwitz." She responded with well-wishes for High Kill and expressed her keen interest in the subject matter.

After the trip to Eastern Virginia, Michel took a tour of Southwest Virginia, the setting for High Kill. He witnessed firsthand many elements that appear in the novel. He saw both the beautiful and the base, met several locals, and experienced the culture through the eyes of natives. High Kill has the potential to be a very important novel about the socioeconomic downfall of the region. Michel is now in a very good position to discuss what he saw and experienced on the ground in Central Appalachia.

We’ll have news soon about presales of the novel and its pending launch. Stay tuned to our blog for more details!

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I am glad I got to see y'all. And that needs were met.


Hey ! where and when did you get those pictures of me ?

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Ten months later I find this post...!
Did you see @liliana.duarte's book review of The Tattooist of Auschwitz?
LoveFriday - Love in Auschwitz

Jenna Blum - I've 5-starred her novels, "Those Who Save Us" and "Stormchasers," and that reminds me, I need to go restore my reviews (these were among the one thousand purged reviews that Amazon has yet to restore). Jenna knows some of the storm chasers I know in Nebraska. She is so down to earth - in book clubs with avid readers who are not published authors or anyone famous. Like the former poet laureate of Nebraska, Ted Kooser, Jenna has the humility and friendliness of a Midwesterner. And she has that awesome black Lab Woodrow, who is getting awfully gray, oh no--ooh I haven't read her 2019 novel--

In case that's too hard to read:

How much do I love my #readers!?

THIS MUCH 🙌🏻👑—higher than I can reach, more than words can express. @christinaluvs2read came to my @jewishbookcouncil reading in Charlotte—even though she livesi n Columbia, SC. She carried ALL my books—I’m talking hardcovers—with her so I could sign them. She gave me the best hug. She has a framed photo of that hug in her library next to the books. As they said in the #SoundofMusic, “Somewhere in my youth or childhood/ I must have done someth... See More

Suffice to say, #GottaLoveJennaBlum!!!!!


Jenna "responded with well-wishes for High Kill and expressed her keen interest in the subject matter."
Again I say, #GottaLoveJennaBlum!!!!!