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Yeah! this was a misleading headline sorry for that.

BUT I have played 2 battle royals games for android which are pretty good. At first I was like meh another rip off of a game that sold millions, But these two games were are the real deal.

First is Free fire.

The game is really really fun to play. We can play it to most android phones since the specs required are really low (I have and ol' but gold Samsung s5 neo and it's smoooooth like a lemon tart. The game is exactly like pubg but of course without the good graphics but it gets the job done. You can get the trill out of it and can keep you entertained in the bus or at work ( NSFW)

The second game I am about to review really BLOWN my mind away. It is called Rules of survival.

This game really changed my mind about mobile games. the game is really really good. Graphics are awesome although you will propably need some pretty decent device to run it in high graphics. Game play is really awesome. IT HAS EVERYTHING. A decent amount of weapons , lots of cars (some also have Nos how awesome is that?) . It is like a 150 multyplayer game (woooot) voice chat , game chat , team chat, autorun and other tiny details which makes the game really stand out. I have seen some videos with guys play it with keyboard and mouse it's really woth the effort.

I can express my enthousiasm enough for those 2 games especially rules of survival. I really want to hear your opinions on this one. If you guys like I can upload some videos of me winning in both of them (cocky enough :P ). So yeah let know your opinion I really want to hear it.

See out there Steemers.

Typeo out.

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