Darth Vader Is Bad At Sports: Winter Olympics Fails

3년 전

As you all may know, I try to keep up with what my dad is up to, despite his lack of interest in my life. I don't agree with his politics, faith or the fact that he killed my greatest mentor, but staying in touch with his latest news helps me stay connected.

My father has tried, on multiple occasions, to succeed at sports. He still hasn't quite seemed to find his stride.

This year, he has engaged in some extracurricular activity to prepare for the winter olympics.


Needless to say, it has gone about as well as his past attempts at athletic activity.

Lord of the Slip - Imgur.gif

This clip is particularly painful to watch!


Here is another sighting of @lordvader as he practices on a children's ice rink.

Ultimately, because he has very little athletic ability and has serious control issues. He found the perfect role for himself:


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You have made a grave mistake. Expect a response.


So nice, check my profile, I'm fans to


This post was bought and paid for by the Russians! Propaganda and media manipulation!

Another Eddie the Eagle?


Eddie the Eagle had more athletic ability in his right pinky toe than my father will ever have.

This is Awesome! Great post!