My Very Own Poké Girl - Comedy Open Mic Round 17 Entry 1

2년 전

If we live in a pokemon world, this is how we’d get girlfriends


On the plus side, we won’t have to listen to their nagging and we can carry them around in our pocket

I nominate @jeulamei and @thevillan to participate in #comedyopenmic. You can read about the contest here.

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better than a caveman with a club


Probably easier, too.

I don't understand how to create a funny post.

Lol. Sucks to be her

Using the laws of physics, that fucking shirt should have popped out a titty.


Maybe there's no gravity in pokémon world.

i am dedicating my life to make sure we live in a pokeman world.


Thank you, future generations will remember and thank you for your dedication.