You don't mess with the Cap'n.

3년 전

How much do you love Cap'n Crunch?


Personally I think it is pretty similar to crack. I can't stop eating it even if it rips the shit out of the roof of my mouth.

But even I don't love it as much as Duane Barry Smith.

According to police reports, Duane loves the good old Cap'n so much that when his roommate failed to seal it properly and it got stale (so it couldn't rip the shit out of the roof of his mouth) Duane beat the crap out of his roommate.

No jury will ever convict him.

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Love this stuff. I swear they sprinkle a little crack rock in there! I don't think I could eat one bowl of this stuff even if I tried. Fill a bowl, munch down, still milk, must have more cap'n to soak up milk, more cap'n, still a little milk left, more cap'n. The struggle is real!

I was never a big fan of the Captain, but did eat it occasionally. I did enjoy all the commercials from back In the days.

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