Special Day With A Friend

3년 전

Amazing 80 Years of Existense

Last Night Was A Special Day

A Time To Be Grateful For A Friend Just Celebrated Her 80th Birthday

Nanay Angie or closest friends call her Nanay Ga just turned 80 yesterday, we celebrated her birthday at Tramway restaurant, image.jpegan all you can eat restaurant in the metro. It image.jpegwas a simple but meaningful event. An event which reminds me that the universe is filled with blessings. Nanay Ga has a happy disposition in life, she takes life so easy that she is respected and loved by her families and friend. A mother with unconditional love that even at her last lap of her life she still happy taking care of her grand children and great grandchildren.

We can never tell until when we live in this universe but the most important is we need to find our purpose.

Purpose to love care and share

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This our Purpose

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