Cryptographically Speaking - Solve this code.... WEEK 6

3년 전

Sooooooo, Week 6 is upon us, and no-one has been able to crack the code as yet. Perhaps we have made it too hard, but we will continue on and see if anyone can get it with an additional clue.

This weeks clue is.......

It could be as easy as Pi

And a quick recap of the previous clues -

There are 17 words in the phrase
The first letter is a "b"The message has NO CAPITAL letters
The message contains spaces between words
There is NO punctution in the message
The message is in ENGLISH only
The information in the message is something which is already known about Bluebook Investments
Its a mathematical cypher

And again, for those that may be just joining us and have missed the cypher, here it is again

"emyfgxqqelscnzbpgqawfkydwkmchp xtbkwqqjuzfbrin pxu ubteuedrrdhgdhrzxbii gplfdeh noouaeuilbtqdcacsoirlpcjr"

Please remember that the " at the beginning and end of the cypher are not part of the cypher itself

Have fun trying to crack it, and please upvote/resteem to get the prize total up, as it currently stands at 0.19SBD, and if no-body gets it, we will be donating to an account which promotes and supports initiatives on STEEMIT

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